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Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake

Baileys and chocolate add a delightfully rich flavour to a classic cheesecake. This makes a delicious ending to any special meal.
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28 Oct 2012
Reviewed by: Amberamber123
Yum!!! Delicious recipe, I added some extra baileys but everything else was great. Nice and simple but a crowd pleaser, Devine with vanilla ice cream =)
19 May 2012
Reviewed by: ciara
Recipe was very easy to prepare which was gud for me as i'm a newbie at baking. Unfortunatly the cake cracked alot i baked it for correct cooking time and correct temperature but there was quite a thick skin on top not sure if this is normal for baked cheesecake as i've always just used a no bake recipe before!
04 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: SharonS
Firstly, I added 5 tbs of Baileys as 3 tbs just didn't seem enough - it would have been. The more intense flavour with added Baileys wasn't over the top though. Having read other reviews, I was a little worried about the cheesecake cracking. I used the water bath for the cheesecake and, for added security, put another tray of water on the shelf underneath. Worked a treat, as did leaving the cheesecake in the oven to cool before refrigerating. So divine - will absolutely make again.
18 Jul 2008
Lulu said:
Took shortcuts. I tried this crust last night and was very pleasantly surprised. I kneaded it with the dough hook on my stand mixer and left the dough slightly sticky to achieve a more tender crust. It rose beautifully and was very easy to stretch into two medium pizzas. I baked the pizzas on a pizza stone preheated for an hour in the oven. They baked in about 8 minutes. The bottom of the crust was very crunchy (but not burnt) and the edges were nice and soft. I've had problems with tough crusts in the past, but this one was nice and tender. I will make it again!
18 Jul 2008
GINNYG said:
Something else. Made two cheesecakes using this recipe. On the first, I followed the baisc recipe, with the exception of adding more Bailey's. As reported by the majority of others, it cracked very badly. The second I baked using all the tricks I've read about to avoid cracking. 1. All refrigerated ingredients were brought up to room temperature before mixing. 2. After baking the crust, it was put in the freezer to cool off. 3. After mixing the batter and putting it into the springform tin, the springform was placed in a waterbath, with the water being halfway up the side of the tin. I then baked the cake as written in the recipe, removing the cake from the waterbath at the end of the bake time. I put the waterbath on the shelf beneath the cake, and left everything in the oven overnight. Results: Not even so much as one crack. It was the prettiest cheesecake I've ever made, every bit as pretty as those from the gourmet shops. The recipe itself was a hit, with both cakes devoured within minutes by my colleagues. All raved about it.
18 Jul 2008
Altered ingredient amounts. This is a GREAT cheesecake! I made this for my husband's birthday and it turned out fantastic! I did use the other suggestions and increased the irish cream to 5 tbsp and cooked in a water bath. I let the cake cool for a couple hours in the oven before removing and had no trouble with cracking. After reading a couple reviews stating that this cheesecake didn't set properly, I was a little concerned...but those concerns were unfounded. This is delicious with a wonderful texture. I topped this with chocolate topping for a truly decadent treat!
18 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: LSWANSON
Most important thing to do to prevent cracks in cheesecakes is to GREASE AND FLOUR the cake tins. this is b/c cheesecake will tend to shrink and hold together as it bakes, so if you don't grease and flour, the cake will stick to the sides. the surface tension will be too much so it cracks in the middle. a water bath will further reduce the likelihood of the cracking, but the greasing and flouring is the deciding factor. hope this helps.
18 Jul 2008
This was the first time I had tried to make a cheesecake. I made it for a Christmas party and it turned out great! I may add a little more Bailey's next time...


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