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Sour Worm Cupcakes

These are a great idea for an Aussie Halloween and are easy and fun for kids to decorate. Use snakes to place on top of these little chocolate cakes for fun birthday party or Halloween party cakes.
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27 Mar 2003
Reviewed by: IMP70
These are cute. I made them for a kids' Spring party. I used two worms on each cupcake -- 1 across the middle, and 1 cut in half with each half sticking in opposite sides of the cupcake (looks like a worm going in under and coming out from under the other worm). The kids thought they were "cool." My cake mix yielded 18 cupcakes. I barely used 1 cup of "dirt" crumbs.
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13 Nov 2000
Reviewed by: Dana Voelker Welch
This was a really dry cake - it needs something
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29 Nov 2003
Reviewed by: Jessica
I used this recipe with a vanilla/chocolate swirl cake mix and it was really, really good! Everyone at the Halloween party commented on how cute the cake was and they especially LOVED the taste. You can guarantee that this will be my signature Halloween dish. Thank you!
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29 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: Butterfly Flutterby
So simple and so fun. Kids love these. I also like to sprinkle crushed up oreos on top to resemble dirt. Thanks!
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05 Feb 2001
Reviewed by: LILDAWNP
I served these cupcakes at halloween. The kids loved it and they never saw something so cool. Thanks!
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26 Apr 2003
Reviewed by: JLLL
Good recipe. I made it for my son's Bambi/Woodland party at school and the kids loved them (I thought they were tasty too). I did have a lot of the dirt topping left over though.
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02 Dec 2001
Reviewed by: KAT S.
I made this for a Halloween party at my daughters pre-school and the kids thought they were the coolest cupcakes ever. I did not personally try one but this will be a traditional Halloween treat for the kids in my house!
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25 Sep 2000
Reviewed by: MICHTUNA
great for school cookies sales.
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25 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: jennamichael
I love this recipe, it was a hit for my sons kindergarten class. The only thing I changed was I made vanilla frosting and used a little green food coloring, so to make the frosting bright green. I also added the fake plastic fangs to stick on the top. The kids loved it!
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17 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: marice
that is cool but it still needs alittle work on it
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