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    As a native Pom I love my cooked breakfasts! We have a family cafe at home and a weekend cooked breakfast brings the family together without all the fuss. It’s quick, delicious and filling. This is my go to cooked breakfast down under, no fuss, much lighter, not as stodgy and far healthier!! It seems like a lot of steps - timing is everything with a cooked breakfast and hopefully this is clear enough for cooked breakfast virgins. Serves 2.


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    • 1/2 Avocado
    • 2 free range eggs
    • 4-6 rashers of free range bacon
    • 6 mushrooms
    • 2 cups of raw baby spinach
    • 2 fresh tomatoes
    • 2 slices of your favourite grainy bread
    • Vegemite and butter
    • Lime (optional)


    1. First throw your bacon in a large cold non-stick pan over a high heat. Cook until the fat begins to render off and it’s beginning to colour. Likely just a few minutes. In the meantime roughly slice your mushrooms and cut your tomatoes in half.
    2. Flip the bacon once you have finished slicing - it should be browning and the fat sizzling. Add your mushrooms and tomatoes, skin side down. Don’t flip your tomatoes. Allow mushrooms to cook without moving them around too much. The aim is to give mushrooms colour, soak up the bacon fat and allow the tomatoes to heat through without putting liquid in the pan.
    3. Whilst that is cooking slice your avocado and drizzle over lime juice to taste. By this point your bacon should be cooked on both sides (leave longer if you prefer) - remove this from the pan and put to one side on some kitchen paper. Your mushrooms and tomatoes should be cooked and browned. Flip over the tomatoes to be flat side down and do not move. Moving them will push out the liquid of the tomatoes and make a mess of the pan. Move everything to the side of the pan where your tomatoes are to make room for the eggs.
    4. Crack your eggs and add them to the pan, turn down to a medium heat. Add your toast to your toaster at this point. Get your plates out and ready to serve. Lay out your bacon and avocado. The eggs should be almost cooked. Add your spinach and allow to sauté. Be careful not to overlook - it should just be wilted when served. Season everything as desired.
    5. Your toast should be done - butter and cover with vegemite. Then plate up everything.
    6. Enjoy your breakfast knowing you only have 1 pan to wash afterwards.

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