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Italian Crumbed Pork Chops

Pork chops are crumbed with Italian flavoured breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese then baked for a delicious dinner.
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12 Mar 2007
Reviewed by: jollyb
Love it, love it love it. Seasoned italian bread crumbs are wonderful, I just added 1 tsp each of garlic powder and italian seasoning. I browned them olive oil 2 minutes on each side, then placed them on a roasting rack in the oven to finish. It was much less greasy and the rack allowed both sides to remain crispy.
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22 Apr 2003
Reviewed by: TURTLEEMU
I love these, the method was the most useful thing. I dipped in the egg wash and batter twice. My husband loves these. I beat the heck out of my chops first, so I only get about 3 to a large skillet. I was very happy with this. I also coat the raw plain chops with a flour salt pepper mix then the egg wash then bread crumb mixture. The flour binds with the egg to keep the breading on a bit better. I learned this from a breaded chicken recipe and it works.
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13 Oct 2005
Reviewed by: Michele
EXCELLENT!! I've never been able to make good pork chops, but now I have a great recipe to fall back on. I followed some of the other suggestions about cutting back on the bread crumbs/egg mixtures and also dredged the chops in flour mixed with salt and pepper before dunking in eggs and bread crumbs. Also, if you do not know if your skillet is ovenproof, you can double wrap the handle in aluminum foil in order to make it ovenproof.
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17 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Karyn
As suggested by others, I dredged the pork chops in flour before dunking them in the egg mixture, which I cut to just 1 egg and a couple tablespoons of milk. Also, I put the bread crumbs and cheese in a zip top baggie and then did a shake 'n bake type thing. I find it coats the chops better. My husband and I both fully enjoyed these pork chops. They were very easy to make and very moist.
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16 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: bonyng
I used 1 inch thick pork chops and increased the oven temp to 375. I bypassed the skillet altogether, and baked the chops on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes. Perfect every time. I use this same method for oven fried chicken. No oil required and use Egg Beaters instead of eggs. I also dredged the chops in flour then egg then breadcrumbs. I also added fresh parsley instead of green dried confetti. You can also substitute Italian breadcrumbs for panko and it makes for extra crispy crust.
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04 Feb 2007
I never breaded my pork chops before but since husband came along, he loves them that way so this was my attempt. These came out just as advertised but I should have read more of the reviews and went with 1 less egg and half of the bread crumbs (although it did make it quick and easy to bread with all of those crumbs!) I did transfer to a glass casserole for baking and easy table presentation. Might add ground rosemary next time. The 2 T. olive oil probably could have been 3-4 T. They did come out looking picture perfect though and hub must've complimented them more than anything else I've made (and I cook a lot). Thanks for the really easy recipe to get all that praise for!
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16 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: amethyst1928
I've always made my pork chops this way-lots of flavor and very tender. However, if you have left-over egg mixture...add the left-over bread crumb mixture to it and cook it in the frying pan after the chops are done. When mixing the two together, you need a slightly pourable consistency, so adjust accordingly, more milk or more bread crumbs as needed. Once it's in the pan, just spread it out a bit with your spatula. Let it cook for a few minutes and then, using your spatula, cut it into 'pie wedges' and flip over and finish cooking till it's lightly browned. Serve it on the platter with your chops. My mom and her mom before her never wasted anything. My 6 brothers and sisters and I grew up loving it, as did my 4 children and their friends. Just a nice little side dish, especially if you don't have a lot of meat to go around. Mom just called it 'egg and cracker'. (...and yes, I'm sure it's probably not the healthiest side dish, just thought I'd offer it up as an alternative to dumping it all down the sink)
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29 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: FOODWIZ
Terriffic recipe! My husband loved it too, and he's a picky eater. However, I substituted SLICED garlic for the chopped, because it's easier to remove from the oil, rather than trying to retrieve a bunch of little garlic pieces from hot oil! Also, I added a teaspoon of italian seasoning blend to the milk/egg mixture. I will DEFINATELY use this recipe on a regular basis! THANK YOU!
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28 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: Jillian
These are the best! I add a little garlic powder to my italian bread crumbs and double dip my pork chops for a thicker coating. I don't have an oven proof skillet, so I just transfer the pork chops to a baking dish.
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22 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: Robin Shapiro
DELICIOUS!!! I loved them. I thought they were absolutely wonderful. What a nice change. BUT...the next time I make them, which will be soon, I will make a few more adjustments, because, per other reviews, I used (1) less egg, but it was still too much. I used (1/2) cup less bread crumbs, but that was still too much. I doubled the olive oil to (4) tablespoons, used crushed garlic, which I left in the pan when I added the pork chops. When done, they were a little greasy, however, I let them sit on paper towels before serving. Yum Yum.
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