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Broccoli with Breadcrumbs and Hard Boiled Egg

Steamed broccoli is topped with buttery breadcrumbs and chopped hard-boiled egg in this French (Polish-inspired) side dish.
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19 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: detnyre
Made the Broccoli Polanaise today. Thought it was a quick, easy side dish to make. Used Italian bread crumbs and real butter - made it very rich. Would make again.
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19 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: Linda T
I enjoyed this. It does need some seasoning so i added a spicy salt blend. I also dry toated some panko crumbs instead of using the butter and added some light butter to the dish afterwards.
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26 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: Lala Haha
it was okay
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26 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: Molly
This recipe was just ok for us. It it is a little on the dry side. We did like the broccoli/egg combination, so when I try it again, once the broccoli is steamed I'm going to add some butter to it and then add the topping.
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04 Apr 2016
Reviewed by: Dani Birzer
Loved it - added more parmesan cheese and lime juice (approx. 1 TB). Totally impressed and will definitely make again! :D
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17 Aug 2014
Reviewed by: Debbie
After reading the reviews, I decided to make it "as is" with only one addition. I added a teaspoon or so of Johnny's Garlic Spread and seasoning. These are not items I would have prepared together, but it turned out really good!
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07 Sep 2018
Reviewed by: ROBINBRADY
I wanted to make something different with some fresh broccoli. This certainly fit the bill but it was surprisingly good. I increased the seasoning in the bread crumbs. My husband wasn't a fan (he thinks gooey cheese sauce is required for a broccoli dish) so I had leftovers. It reheated fine in the microwave and I used it as a main dish for lunch. I'll make it again (but take out his part before adding the bread crumbs and egg.)
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21 Jan 2018
Reviewed by: myralee joy bulda
Easy to make and very delicious and healthy
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28 Mar 2017
Reviewed by: Jim Peters
I cut the onions for my wife, but still found the recipe delicious.
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03 Apr 2016
Reviewed by: irina
I added fresh garlic and soy sauce. Delicious!
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