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Spinach and Yoghurt Soup

Yoghurt gives this spinach soup a hint of richness. Lovely as a starter or alongside a sandwich for lunch.
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09 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: inglesita
This soup was so easy to make, delicious and ultra healthy. I love spinach and am always looking for easy ways to add some to my diet. This soup is easy to double and keep in the fridge for an easy vegetable serving anytime. Thanks to whomever posted this.
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07 Jul 2009
Reviewed by: kristylyn
It was very easy and tasted good. I omitted the onion. I added a couple dashes of lemon juice to the mix instead of garnishing with wedges. Next time I would omit the salt and set some cooked spinach aside so there could be some chunks in it. I love cooking with yogurt as opposed to heavy cream.
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08 Apr 2009
Reviewed by: baldwicb
This was ok. I appreciated the ease of preparation and the unique creamy texture. I doctored up the recipe a bit by adding 2 cloves of garlic, increased amounts of herbs and spices, and some crushed red pepper. I also added a teaspoon of fresh lime juice and a touch of cream at the end. Topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Overall it was pretty good with all of these modifications. I served it with corn bread (it's what I had in the pantry), but I think it would be good with homemade parmesan croutons on top. My initial thought on the color was that it would be a fun starter course for a St. Patrick's Day meal. Also, I didn't like the tarragon in it. Maybe next time I will try a little fresh basil. I'm willing to try it again, but I don't think it will become a frequent dish at my house.
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12 Aug 2007
Reviewed by: Lucy
This was pretty good for how quick and easy it is. I made it as the directions said, then when I served it I thought it needed a little oomph so I added some crushed red pepper flakes, It was yummy and had a little kick!
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08 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: Laurene
This soup is absolutely frantastic. The only thing I would change is add a little more nutmeg. Definitely worth trying and easy to make!
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25 May 2017
Reviewed by: Buckwheat Queen
Delicious! I used fresh spinach.
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18 Apr 2015
Reviewed by: violet
I hate it when people don't follow a recipe yet give review for it! Yet, here I go, sharing in case it could help someone else... There's nothing wrong with this recipe, I just had loads of fresh spinach and wanted to use some of it by making soup, and am vegetarian, so used 16 oz of fresh spinach. I had no yogurt so used a little sour cream. I whizzed raw spinach in a blender before cooking (which necessitated using extra water) and used onion powder instead of fresh onion in the interest of time. Love the nutmeg in it. Being vegetarian, I used water, food yeast, garlic, salt and olive oil instead of chicken broth. When done, I thickened it a bit with instant potato flakes. Using fresh spinach, I added extra water. We really enjoyed this and plan to make often.
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04 Apr 2014
Reviewed by: beecee
Delicious and easy to make. I added a little less yogurt and 3 tbsp. of light sour cream for richness. I added a tablespoon of vinegar during cooking to make up for the creaminess of the sour cream. A suggestion for serving: crumble hard boiled egg over soup.
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02 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: Haeli Allen
I am eating a hot, delicious cup of this soup as I type thie review and I am in LOVE! I tweeked it a little to my liking. Used my own array of spices, added mushrooms and a few slices of cajun bacon! Garnished with a little bit of shredded cheese. YUM! Thank you for this recipe!
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02 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: LINDSAY88
Ok. I thought this was a really weird line up of ingredients. Just so happens I had some plain yogurt and fresh spinach in the fridge that were about to get tossed so I figured why not try it. It turned out great. Really tasty! I added some garlic but other than that, made it exactly as the recipe calls. I will definatly be making it again!
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