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Strawberry Blueberry Smoothies

Frozen strawberries and blueberries are combined in a yogurt smoothie sweetened with agave nectar.
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09 Jul 2012
Reviewed by: Sarah Jo
I doubled this recipe. I had to adjust this just a touch to reflect what I had on hand. I used lactose-free milk but I did add a touch of almond flavoring to the smoothie ingredients. I did not have flax seed oil but I did have flax seed MEAL, I added a tablespoon per serving. I also used honey instead of agave nectar because I didn't have that, either. The kids loved this smoothie. I'm sorry about the substitutions but it turned out just as delicious with what I had on hand.
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09 Aug 2012
Reviewed by: asummergirl
very very good! Its wasnt as thick as most smoothies but it was good! I did change the recipe around a bit though. I did not use the flax seed oil or nectar. My fruit was not frozen so I added about a cup of ice. I also added about a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Instead of almond milk I used 1% milk. I wanted extra flavor so I added 3/4 cup of strawberries as well as the blueberries. great recipe!
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30 Jan 2014
Reviewed by: Paula
I love smoothies, and this one is no exception. I used nonfat black cherry greek yogurt because it's what I had as well as flax seed instead of the oil. Delicious way to start the day!
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05 May 2015
Reviewed by: Lisa Hull
I didn't have flax seed oil so I used ground flax seed and I didn't have agave nectar so I used honey and It was absolutely delicious and I will definitely make this again, you could use any frozen fruit.
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01 Jun 2015
Reviewed by: Kimberly
I changed a few things. I put spirulina, chia seeds, vanilla almond milk, and vanilla yogurt. It came out very delicious. I chose not to add any extra sweetener or nectar, tastes great as is! Yum!
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27 Jan 2015
Reviewed by: Shion Tsubasa
It's yummy. You can taste the fruit. I omitted the agave nectar and flaxseed oil for some honey to taste. You should serve it like this: a cup, filled 3/4 way with the smoothie, a layer of yogurt and some honey to drizzle
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04 Jan 2015
Reviewed by: Debbie Kavcic
I added more strawberries than the recipe called for and i thought i enjoyed more. Very delicious.
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03 Dec 2014
Reviewed by: ChefChamp08
This is a good smoothie. I used everything except I didn't have flaxseed oil. I used coconut oil instead. Since I use unsweetened almond milk, I used vanilla yogurt for a little more sweetness.
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16 Feb 2017
Reviewed by: gia
The only changes I made were substituting milled flax seed for flaxseed oil and added strawberry protein powder(which made it extra delicious!!!), and a good morning meal replacement
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11 Dec 2016
Reviewed by: Denise Stetler
I used coconut milk instead of almond milk, I also used coconut oil instead of the flax seed oil . I also added a 1/2 tsp. chia seed. My husband even liked it & he doesn't usually like smoothies. Absolutely one of the best ones I've ever tried. Will definitely make again.
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