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Easy Cloud Bread

Cloud bread is soft and fluffy - like a cloud! It's a great alternative to normal bread and it is gluten free. I like to top one 'slice' with peanut butter and banana, or fill them with your favourite sandwich filling. You can toast them after baking to warm them up.
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01 Sep 2017
Reviewed by: MsBelle
Excluded the sugar and just used 3 ingredients. Only needed 15 to 20 minutes in oven. Quick and easy. Soft and light bread. Very mild egg smell and taste. Husband thought it was bland. I like it and will make it again.
07 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: BC
I leave out the sugar which is how I have made them for years. They are wonderful as a sandwich bread for burgers, PB and J, etc. but you must use 2, one as a bottom and one as a top. I add garlic powder and other spices so they are savory and not sweet.
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02 Apr 2016
Reviewed by: Mike Wilson
I often find myself using allrecipes and reading about 100 or so reviews before I make something. I actually found this recipe on a different site before I found it here. Well the results were amazing!!!!! The recipe I followed was 3Tb cream cheese, 3 eggs, 1/4 tp distilled white vinegar (instead of cream of tartar) and Splenda. I mixed, I whipped, I folded, I scooped and I baked!!!! 300 for 30 mins. Came out PERFECT!!!! Reviews had suggested that I store it in a bag overnight but I was so excited to make and try it we are about half of them!!!! Now is the fun part to make again and find variations. I want to try garlic bread, make breadsticks or something. It should be fun!!!
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24 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: MaField
I've made this a couple different times when I was on a high protien, low carb, no sugar diet. Replace the sugar with truvia and bake it for about half as long as called for (15 min). Don't worry if the cream cheese doesn't completely incorporate, it will be fine once baked. Don't make this if you think it is going to taste like conventional bread, it just replaces if you need something to "hold" sloppy Joe or make a pp&j and can't have bread. Works great. Will mold if not used with a few days or so. Keep in the refrigerator. You can place in toaster if you want it to crisp up.
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11 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: Sandi
This is no substitute for bread of any kind. Recipe is impossible to duplicate. Left cream cheese out of fridge all day and it still wouldn't incorporate completely with eggs. That's after beating it with the mixer for 15 minutes. Hardly worth the work. Had to cut bake time by 10 minutes because tops were becoming DARK. (All other times and temperatures in recipes work just fine). If not eaten right after baking, they become a soggy mess. As far as taste, slight eggy taste but nothing great. I don't know why I keep trying these recipes - I have never found one worth repeating.
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23 Feb 2016
Reviewed by: Christina
This was delicious! If you plan to try this, know that it is not 'regular' bread, so you're not gonna be able to split it and make sandwiches or anything. I've been seeing this floating around the internet a lot, so I was glad to finally try it. It is definitely easy to make and the flavor is great, as well as being super light and fluffy. Do keep check on this, as it didn't quite take as long to brown as the directions say, but that could be a difference in my oven. All in all, I really liked this and I would def make this again~YUM! Thanks for sharing.
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19 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: Pheesao
For those that have problems with the cream cheese; I beat my room temperature cream cheese with a mixer until it is creamy & soft. Then, I add the rest of the ingredients, following the recipe. This is great with dinner when made as a savory. It makes a great snack between meals, as well. I make mine with Splenda instead of sugar, as my daughter & husband are diabetics. Roll up some fruit slices in it & you have a nice desert or snack, any time. Very versatile & easy to make. Definitely will continue making this recipe, quite often. I haven't begun to explore all the different ways to serve it!
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04 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: Laura Sears
Absolutely amazing! I did use mine in place of a hamburger bun and it was delicious. Yes you can cut it open... carefully. Or use 2 pieces. One for top and one for bottom. Will definitely make it again and again!
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28 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: Tuffy
I did not use the sugar just because I am making this to cut my carbs. I added some sea salt, garlic and onion powder. I got 8 nice sized buns from this recipe. I was out of parchment paper and oiled foil and that worked okay, but I had to b very careful removing it from the foil. I can see smashing 2 of them flat and using it for a bun....I loved the texture and enjoyed eating one as a snack. I will make these again !
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03 Mar 2016
Reviewed by: julie
If you use splenda in it then it's low carb and great tasting . store with parchment paper on bottom to pervent sticking together .
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