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Tuna Salad with Oranges and Cashews

If you're tired of most tuna salads try this recipe which has oranges and cashews in the mix. Something exciting out of a tin of tuna!
Reviews (35)

19 Feb 2013
Reviewed by: Richo
Very tasty and a simple dish to prepare
18 Sep 2004
Reviewed by: MINDCRUSHER1376
I just found this recipe last weekend and I've already made it twice. It's also great filling for pita sandwiches...spinch included. I added a little red onion for a kick but this has a wonderful and bright flavor of it's own.
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31 Mar 2005
Reviewed by: jessy
This is such a nice change from your regular tuna salad. I absolutely love it. The only changes I made was not adding cashews (don't like them) and instead of adding all the mayo, I just use half a tbsp of mayo and the rest I use hot mustard. I also freeze ginger root and then grate some onto it. Frozen ginger grates into a wonderful powder. I will be making this recipe all the time now. Thanks Edie!
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20 Jul 2005
Reviewed by: MUDDYMOM
A marvelous combination of flavors that make a luncheon or hot summer evening supper very special. I made this recipe three times. The ginger was a bit overpowering in the recipe as given here. I then used mandarin oranges and mixed in some of the juice to offset the ginger (but did not reduce the ginger). Third time, I added seedless white and red grape halves without any mandarin orange juice. Guests were impressed!
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10 Jun 2005
When i make this again I will do as the other reader. Less Ginger. It made it a lttle bitter. Needed salt too. I blame it mostly on the orange I used, wasn't in season and not sweet enough. I will try it again though.
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17 Sep 2001
Reviewed by: Tony
very tasty!
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29 Sep 2002
Reviewed by: INGU
Very tasty! I used more oranges and less ginger and served the salad with fresh lettuce leaves.
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06 Jun 2001
Reviewed by: MEGAN745
Different and very refreshing.
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01 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: eileen
This is delicious! I increased the lemon juice & reduced the ginger to 3/4 tsp. No salt & pepper needed. Yum!
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21 Jun 2000
Reviewed by: SSS6
Different and suprisingly delicious --especially on a hot humid day!!!
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