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Roast Goose with Apple and Wild Rice Stuffing

For a real Christmas centerpiece, try this roast goose stuffed with a mixture of wild rice, toasted hazelnuts and apple.
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15 Jan 2005
Reviewed by: FLORIDAGAL
I made this goose for Christmas dinner (plus a duck) to serve 6 adults. While the goose turned out tasty and terrific, the stuffing was a bit greasy. However, I had extra stuffing that I could not fit into the cavity and I had put this into a casserole dish and heated it prior to dinner. This is a better option as it is not so greasy and you can still present it with the meal. Simple recipe but tasty!
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17 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: Patti
My husband made this for Thanksgiving and it turned out great. The goose was very moist.
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18 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: MonkeyHawk
I usually make "dressing" instead of "stuffing. I goose just renders too much fat. I roast the bird on a rack and stuff it with a couple of quartered apples. I discard the apples but they soak up a lot of goose grease. Turkey comes with my grandmother's cornbread/sage dressing. I do a wild rice dressing, in another dish, to go with goose.
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01 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: DUTCHCOOK
Used this at Christmas as a Turkey filling, was very good. Great for people with wheat allergy.
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01 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: Aislynne Edwards
I made the stuffing for this recipe last christmas eve (2005) and I loved it. It had great flavor and texture and was a great alternative to the tradional stuffing. I took the left overs to a party and I don't know how well it was recieved.
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03 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: Margaret
wonderful new taste. everyone loved it.
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20 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: food4me
not a hit with my family
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29 Dec 2003
Reviewed by: STITH1
i like this very much. the wild rice was great
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23 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: Anna Hudson
We made this for Xmas and it was so good!! I love the stuffing!!
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21 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: HOLLYROY
substituted the hazelnuts for almonds, and this was great, and goose for capon. I cooked the rice al dente and this allowed it to soak in the flavour. A big hit with my picky relatives!!
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