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Red Velvet Cake, Gluten Free

This gluten free version of red velvet cake has the soft texture everyone loves, plus a little extra cocoa for good measure! This is the cake I am having made for my wedding. Works well for cupcakes too.
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11 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: Stephanie
Easy to make, taste is good too. Gluten free baking is hard, due to the flours it can often taste chalky or floury. This recipe did have that slight taste but it was super moist which was nice. I love the use of applesauce. I made cupcakes instead of a cake because of the event I was making them for. Took about 14 minutes in the oven, rotating the sheet halfway through. I topped the cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting and they were extremely delicious. Thank you for sharing this recipe it will definitely be made again!
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10 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: Caroline Booy
My daughter-in-law made this recipe for her daughter's 2nd family birthday party. She made it into cupcakes and they were delicious! They did not taste gluten free and were moist.
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01 Feb 2013
Reviewed by: Linda
Our entire family loves these as cupcakes! The recipe is great as is but personally I have made some shortcuts that make them easier and turn out great! I use JULES AP GF flour mix instead of all the different flours listed (2 1/2 cups), eliminate the xanthan gum as JULES has that covered in her flour mix. and I use the pretty cupcake liners for the muffin cups for easy clean-up. To make them dairy-free I use almond or soy milk + 1 Tbsp vinegar to = the buttermilk. I also am now adding 2 Tbsp of "cake enhancer" by King Arthur Flour to make them stay fresh longer. It is a great product and gluten-free. Thanks for the great recipe!
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09 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: NicNac9
Love it with my dad and brother being on a gluten free diet it was perfect for them and it tasted no different than any regular red velvet cake!
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28 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: read8068
I am not on a gluten free diet, however, I made these for the baby shower of a friend who has celiac. They were very tasty and moist. The texture is good and there is no strange aftertaste like sometimes happens with gluten-free baked goods. They were a hit at the party as well. The guest of honor said they were the best gluten-free cupcakes she had ever had. Her sister ran over to tell the guest of honor not to eat them as she was convinced they couldn't be gluten free after eating them. For people who plan to make cupcakes, this recipe will make about 2 dozen. Another reviewer said the batter was thick like dough. I did not find that to be the case at all. It had a normal cake batter texture.
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01 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: BettyLuvs2Cook
You have restored my faith in gluten free desserts. I can now comfortably say delicious and gluten-free in the same sentence. I replaced the buttermilk with coconut milk and they still turned out FANTASTIC!
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28 Dec 2012
Reviewed by: Tiffany E.
My husband's favorite cake is Red Velvet; I tried baking it twice when we got married and failed miserably...didn't taste anything like his grandma's...dry, crumbly. 20 years and 4 kids later I gave it another shot because our youngest has a wheat allergy. This is the best cake that I've EVER made in my life, gluten free or not. So moist. Freezes well too. 2 tips: do as others suggested and use sugar to coat your muffin tins after spraying with cooking oil instead of flour which slightly sweetens the cake and they'll fall out of the tin easily. Using room temperature ingredients makes a HUGE difference. Don't skip that step. Make your own buttermilk with vinegar instead of buying some and save the money for all the flours. This is a keeper.
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24 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: Gerry
The taste of the cake was good, made even beter by a cream cheese frosting. Unfortunately the cake batter was more like the consistancy of dough after all was mixed. When the batter was put in the pan it had to be spooned into the pan and it did not spread out to fill the pan. After baking the cake was still very thick. if there is anyway to thin the batter would be great to know.
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04 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: Ms.Shore
Very moist and delicate. I had a hard time removing them from the muffin tin, even though I greased them ( I didn't flour them and probably should have) I subed almond flour for the coconut only because I didn't have any.
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09 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: Julycious
I'm allergic to all nuts, including coconuts. Can I replace the coconut flour by another one ? I'm a stay-at-home mom owning a small catering business from home. Me and one of my customers have to cut Gluten from our life... Thanks!
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