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Maori Bread

This Maori Fried Bread is a traditional Maori recipe. This bread has a doughnut texture but none of the sugar.
Reviews (14)

28 Apr 2013
Reviewed by: KelzStark
Bubbles, serve with soup or a hearty stew omm nomm nomm or on its own with butter and golden syrup or jam. Oil should be hot enough that when the dough hits the oil it sizzles, say a medium high heat.
04 Feb 2013
Bubbies said:
Any suggestions regarding what to serve this with? I am interested to try but not sure how to present them. And how hot should the oil be?
08 May 2012
Reviewed by: JuliettevanSon
Easy to make.
28 Jan 2013
Reviewed by: Cristi
Very easy and very good. First try at Maori fry bread.. won't be my last
28 Apr 2014
Reviewed by: TaniaBarbarich
I'm Maori and this is not how we make our fried bread. This recipe is lazy bread and not Maori bread at all.
01 Nov 2013
Reviewed by: babydoll
its was lovely goes perfect with boil-up
26 Mar 2015
Reviewed by: shonamdowman
This recipe is not Maori bread, it is a damper style bread. Maori bread is made from a potato base called REWENA. There are many sites on the internet that will give you the correct recipe.
28 Dec 2013
Reviewed by: SandyHayman
My mum used to make these occasionally. Very easy and yum. Everyone in my house loves them with golden syrup. I usually put a couple of ice cubes in the water to make sure it's nice and cold.
23 Oct 2017
Reviewed by: _debs_
Yum. I love fried bread, hot crispy, not too fat or doughy. I only eat it with butter & golden syrup (note, maple syrup and golden syrup have completely different flavour). To those that say this is not true Maori fried bread, who cares! It still tastes damn good with butter & golden syrup. My maori mother is 83 years of age & this is the recipe she was taught when she was young. I love this recipe and am not a fan of rewana bread or fried bread made with yeast or milk
11 Jun 2016
Reviewed by: PhillipRepia
In response to KelzStarks review for people out side of new zealand who cannot find "Golden Syrup" its an almost equivalent flavor and texture to Maple Syrup so if you cant find Golden Syrup you can use that as a substitute


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