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Fluffy Banana Pancakes

The reaction between the bananas and the buttermilk combined with the baking powder makes these super fluffy.
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05 Jul 2015
Reviewed by: Janz
Yum!!! First time I have made Banana Pancakes. This recipe was perfect.
17 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: BARNKITTY
Okay, 5 stars based on how I made them. Cut the buttermilk to 3/4C, used 1.25C flour, 1.25t baking powder, four bananas and about 1/2T honey. Really, really good; lots of banana flavor, moist and fluffy. This made about 12 6" pancakes. Next time, I may add some oatmeal as well.
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08 Jul 2010
it worked out to be too liquidy and the flavour while nicely flavoured with banana was not favoured by the family....will not try this again.
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19 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: MRSMILNE
I can't give full stars, since I did some tweaking, but this is a good base. I increased the flour by 1/2 a cup, I used whole wheat flour and added vanilla and 1 tbsp of brown sugar to the batter, as well as a pinch of nutmeg. The result was pretty spectacular. My family asks for these every Sunday.
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10 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: KitchenWitch
Ok, don't know why this gets such poor reviews! I followed the tweaking given in the reviews, used 3/4 cup buttermilk, 1 1/4 tsp double acting baking powder, and 4 over-ripe bananas. These were fluffy, with the creamy banana in the middle and full of banana flavor, plus they smelled fricken' awesome when cooking! Here's a hint people: when mashing the bananas use an actual "masher", not a blender or food processor. Also mix this by hand with a wisk, not a hand mixer. That's how this becomes too liquidy. Don't over mix, just mix until all the dry ingredients are incorporated and the batter is lumpy. Let the batter stand while you get your skillet heated up ( 1-3 minutes). Also make sure you grease your skillet or pan and use low to medium heat, otherwise these will get burnt before they are done in the middle. Follow these tips and this recipe WILL be awesome! Next time I'm gonna put cinnamon and chopped nuts in it and it'll kick butt!
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17 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: demifugue
these came out great! They're a little mooshy-er than regular pancakes, but sweet, delicious, easy to make. definitely fluffy!
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26 Aug 2010
Reviewed by: Simmone
These came out way too runny! I would reccomend using 1/2 the amount of buttermilk or making them into crepes instead. They did have great flavor though!
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08 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: kbrodmerk
Batter was too liquidy so I added more flour. There just wasn't much taste to it at all. The only salvaging this recipe was adding chocolate chips. Never again!
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18 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: cassie
I did not care for this recipe.
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03 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: Janet
these were terrible. don't bother. bland, mushy, and they quickly burned the pan
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