Pressure Cooker Braised Quail on Fennel & Carrot Salad Nest

    25 minutes

    Before landing on it's fluffy steamed vegetable nest, this quail was braised in pancetta, shallots and spumante!


    Lazio, Italy
    4 people made this

    Serves: 2 

    • 2 Quails, whole cleaned emptied and rinsed
    • 1/2 glass Spumante or Champagne
    • 100g Smoked Pancetta, diced
    • 1 bunch Thyme
    • 1 bunch Rosemary
    • 1 Bay Laurel Leaf
    • to taste salt & pepper

    Preparation:10min  ›  Cook:15min  ›  Ready in:25min 

    1. Begin by preparing the salad for the nest. Cut the Fennel and carrot into small matchsticks. I like to use a mandolin but you could use a food processor or cut them by hand! Place them in the steamer basket when finished. Lower the steamer basket into the pressure cooker, with one cup of water on the bottom.
    2. Close and lock the lid and turn the heat to high. When the pressure cooker has reached pressure count just one minute cooking time. Then, take the pressure cooker to the sink, run cold water over the top to open it quickly, pull out the steamer basket and run cold water over the vegetables to stop their cooking immediately (you don't want them to turn mushy!)
    3. Then, pour the steaming liquid in a separate container to use later as the braising liquid for the quail, later.
    4. In the empty pressure cooker, on medium-low heat without the lid on, add the smoked pancetta, shallots, thyme, rosemary and bay laurel. Season with salt and pepper.
    5. In the meantime, stuff the cavity of the quail with little rosemary and thyme bunches.
    6. When the pancetta begins to sizzle, and the shallots have softened, scoot the contents of the pan to one side and put the quails breast-side down in contact with the pan. Turn and brown all sides, and then position them breast-side up.
    7. Pour in the spumante, deglazing the pan by detaching any little delicious brown bits that may be stuck to the bottom and incorporating them in the sauce. Reduce the wine to about 1/3 the amount, about 3 minutes.
    8. Pour in the steaming liquid from the carrots and fennel.
    9. Close and lock the lid of the pressure cooker and turn the heat to high. When the pan has reached pressure, count 7-9 minutes cooking time. When time is up, bring the pan to the sink, pour cold water over the top, and open the pan.
    10. Delicately remove the quail from the pressure cooker and set aside. Strain the cooking liquid and put it back in the pan on medium-high heat to reduce to about half.
    11. In the meantime, perform a herb-end-ectomy, remove as many of the wilted herbs as possible from the cavity. If you like, you put a tuft of fresh herbs in the opening for garnish.
    12. Prepare the serving platter or individual dish by attractively arranging the steamed fennel, carrots, fresh arugola and spritzing them with a little olive oil and lemon.
    13. When the sauce has reduced, place the quails back in the pan, and continuously spoon the sauce over the quail to warm up and glaze them, about 2 minutes. Place the quail on the serving platter, or dish, and spoon remaining sauce and sprinkle with herbs right before serving.


    This recipe can easily be doubled because the standard pressure cooker, could probably comfortably cook 4 quail. I only cooked two because I did not serve it to the kids (too many small and brittle bones), though they did enjoy little pieces of meat we pulled off with extra care!

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