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Slow Cooker Pasta Sauce

This is a great rich meat sauce which is super easy to make in the slow cooker. Serve over thick pasta such as spirals.
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05 May 2011
Reviewed by: Jamie
This is an incredible crockpot recipe!
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06 Jan 2013
Reviewed by: orbiting
Brilliant! I didn't change a thing and it was so good. Even my 10 month old son loved eating it. Although I added extra veggies for him after the fact. This is a keeper, for sure!
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20 Feb 2012
Reviewed by: David_Price
This is the perfect recipe. Easy enough to put together, few pots and pans, not too many ingredients, and just tastes fantastic. Within a few days of making it I can't wait to make it again. To finish it off I add cooked rigatoni and some of the sauce to a saute pan and heat for a few minutes. Some of the sauce is incorporated into the pasta that way, and it thickens the sauce too.
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26 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: smarois78
The sauce is so flavorful! My husband hates spaghetti sauces and I can never get him to eat any pasta with red sauce. He begs me to make this at least once a week!
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29 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: john c
This was easy to make and the kids (age 6--one of whom is a notoriously picky eater) loved it!
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18 May 2011
Reviewed by: naomimohar
My family LOVED this. I added a package of fresh mushrooms when I added the cream. It is being added to our good old standbyes.
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13 May 2011
Reviewed by: Carol
I halved the recipe and made it on the stovetop, letting it simmer for an hour. I think we would have liked it better without the cream, but it is a great alternative to regular red sauce.
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10 Jan 2015
Reviewed by: SoCalEv
Loved this recipe! Added red pepper, mushrooms and carrots. Simmered a few hours on the stove instead of using a crock pot. Served over Mascarpone polenta. Didn't need to add any salt or other seasonings. Will definitely make again!
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03 Jul 2012
Reviewed by: Christina Marrs
This is now our go-to recipe when we want a red pasta sauce. Make it with the celery! I too would normally add a green bell pepper to a pasta sauce, but I think it's the celery that makes this work so well. The cream really puts this one over the top, but it's delicious even without it.
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22 Nov 2012
Reviewed by: ChristyCookies
I'm sure this would be a great recipe, although I used this as base and made alot of alterations to mine..Probably going to post my version online
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