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Orange Kumara Chips

Kumara chips are a great option when plain old chips just won't do it. This recipe spices it up with a wee bit of lime zest, chilli and coriander.
Reviews (60)

26 Jan 2016
Reviewed by: ZackZekeZazabar
too salty, waaaaaaaay too salty.
(Review from Allrecipes UK & Ireland)
14 Nov 2015
Reviewed by: Katya
This is the only recipe I use since it's the only one I found which boiled the potatoes first. I think that makes the potatoes taste better then baking raw ones. I LOVE this recipe!!!!!
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
04 Feb 2015
Reviewed by: Josephine Roeper
Had everything but the cilantro. Even so, I really liked the seasoning especially the lime zest.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
23 Sep 2014
Reviewed by: dodo75
yes, I like it, used it many times and find the cooking prior to putting in the over makes them less soggy. just use paprika and salt and garlic salt on mine but a personal preference, nice change.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
30 Apr 2014
Reviewed by: Mekaret27
Excellent spice! I'm not sure about the boiling though. They came out a little mushy for me. I'll have to tweak it a little to avoid this next time. Otherwise, these are surprisingly tasty!
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
18 Apr 2013
Reviewed by: Esther
Made this and it was a very yummy accompaniment to the homemade bean veggie burgers also on this site!
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
31 Mar 2013
Reviewed by: Keeli
I cut the raw potatos into fries, tossed with oil and spices and roasted for 25 min at 450 and served with a cinnamon yogurt sauce for dipping. Wow! One of the best recipes I've tried all year
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
26 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: Alison G.
After reading all the reviews, I took the advice of boiling the potatoes till what I interpreted them to be fork tender. However, in the end, they were very mushy and unappetizing. I even tried baking with and without the olive oil, but nothing could save them. There wasn't enough spice mixture for all the potatoes either. Sorry, won't be making this again.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
16 Dec 2010
Love these and make them ofyen. Sometimes I add a tsp of garam masala for a change and have used the spice mixture as a rub for chicken as well.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
22 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: momich
Whole family loved them. Especially enjoyed the lime zest. Did find that two large sweet potatoes was enough to fill up a jelly roll pan. Instead of brushing them with olive oil I sprayed them with the aerosol olive oil. Was careful not to over boil. Took a little monitoring.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)


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