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Cheesey Bacon Pasta Bake

This is a quick and easy pasta bake which combines bacon, cheese and condensed tomato soup. Very delicious.
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03 Apr 2003
Reviewed by: MHENSON
I tried this because I had all the ingredients on hand and I was stuck for an idea for dinner. I wasn't impressed. For starters, DON'T cook the bacon and onions together. I had the feeling this was a bad idea, and I should have trusted my instincts. The bacon doesn't crisp up (because of the water that cooks out of the onions) and the onions burn. Better to render the bacon by itself, then use the bacon drippings to saute the onions. Plus, no need for the oil this way (which I didn't use anyway). Second, this makes way more than four servings! And it was a bit dry; maybe the pasta amount should be cut in half? The flavors were okay, but not great. My kids ate it, though, without complaint, maybe because it was so bland. I wasn't what I would call a "quick meal", and considering the flavor outcome, I would recommend a box of the "helper" stuff instead.
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23 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: Laura Marshall Mobed
This was a good recipe! I added a can of diced tomatoes and half a frozen bag of chopped brocolli to make the casserole a bit "healthier"! I also mixed the milk in with the soup, sprinkled in some Italian seasoning, and sprinkled a bit more bacon on top of the cheese at the end. Savory and yummy!!!!!!!
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23 Jul 2009
Reviewed by: 12yroldcook
im 12 and i cooked this!! it was really easy.... but the onion made me cry! mum was doing other things so i thought i would make it for her! i added cut out shapes (toast) yumm yumm!! xxx
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08 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: Vampiress112482
I was running low on ingredients tonight and this popped up when I typed in "tomato soup" and "pasta". I, like most people made a few changes to it. I chopped up the bacon before frying it and poured off the bacon fat as I fried it so the bacon got nice and crisp. Setting the bacon aside I put a bit of the bacon grease back in and fried up the onions with 2 cloves of garlic. I then added the soup and bacon back in and added some oregano, chilli powder and garlic powder. I saw someone comment that it could of used more bacon so I actually used an entire package (my only mistake). All that bacon made the meal a bit heavy in the stomach (too much fat!!)but did it taste great. My husband gave it four stars as well and wants it to be made more often so it was a hit. Very easy to make too. I would also suggest that after you fry the ongions in the pan drain off all the grease you can. And don't put as much bacon as I did unless you want a heart attack lol.
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19 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: JULIAC
Great recipe. I used fusilli as that is what I had in and added a clove of garlic, some herbs and roasted peppers and zucchini. Turned out great.
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19 May 2006
Reviewed by: cookinme
This was a great quick supper. I was looking for somthing to make last night and I had everything for this. I cooked the bacon first took it out then cooked the onion in the drippings. I topped it with a tomato basil cheddar cheese. It came out great!
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30 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: Vivacious65
It was a good recipe. I used 16 oz of pasta and I think that 18 oz may be too much for the sauce. I also added some red pepper powder to the sauce for a little more spice. It was easy with ingredients that were already in the pantry.
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21 May 2010
Reviewed by: Chicken
This was an easy throw together meal but was quite bland. I will make this again as it was super easy to whip up when I was in a hurry to get dinner on the table, but I think I will add a can of flavoured diced tomatoes next time to see if that makes the taste a little more appealing.
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27 Sep 2009
Reviewed by: Linda Grossmann Holman
This recipie is so delicious. The tastes blend together so well. My son loved it and I did too. We heated up the left overs and they were still great.
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02 Jun 2009
Reviewed by: yummy in my tummy
It was delicious! I tried listening to the comments. I fried the bacon first and put the onions in the bacon oil. It was delicious! I added roasted red bell peppers and zucchini. I wish I had added more bacon though.
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