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Colby Macaroni and Cheese with Tomatoes

Stewed tomatoes add a twist to this delicious macaroni which has two kinds of cheese. Everyone loves it!
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30 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: vanessajbaca
I really liked it! A good simple meal for a quick weeknight dinner. I too cut back on the amount of macaroni, but used 1.5 cans of stewed, diced tomatoes, some butter and two crushed garlic cloves in addition to the cheese. Oh and I used sharp cheddar, monterey jack and mozzarella (all I had on hand), as well as a spoonful of sour cream, and it came out just fine. I imagine some cooked ground beef, turkey or shredded chicken would also go well with this dish. Lots of options for a meal like this one and served with a nice side salad and some bread, it makes an easy and quick dinner for a hungry family.
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15 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: karen
This has been a family recipe for over 50 years - my mom and grandmother ran a restaurant and this was on our menu every Friday! A few changes we make - we use canned whole tomatoes and squish them up with our fingers - they just always seem juicier and some folks don't like stewed tomatoes or always have them on hand. We also add a lot of ground black pepper (I prefer fresh cracked but you can use ready-ground too). Just as a note - this is NOT a creamy mac and cheese recipe - not meant to be! The cheese will be rather clumpy and not spread throughout but it is marvelous that way! One hint - if you do have leftovers, saute them in a little butter/margarine the next day - even better!!!!
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05 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: Sarah W
I used only 1 lb. of medium shells but 2 cans of tomatoes and more cheese than called for, cutting the cubes into smaller pieces - used colby/jack, cheddar, and a few cut up slices of muenster. I also mixed in about a tablespoon of butter into the hot, drained shells and mixed in the cheese, tomatoes, S&P,and some garlic in the hot pot to melt it down a little before putting into baking dish. Came out GREAT and the leftovers reheated better than expected, too!
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27 Aug 2007
Reviewed by: Catie Myers
We really liked this recipe with a few changes. I used less macaroni and rotel tomatoes instead of stewed. Also added a little butter, garlic salt and seasoned salt. I used shredded mexican blend cheese too.
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28 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Adrienne
A new favorite in the family. My husband and I have it almost monthly. We tried it also with fresh tomatoes instead of canned. Delicious and a little bit healthier.
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21 Mar 2006
Reviewed by: Janny39
It's okay. The added tomato flavor was nice but the cheese tended to melt and clump together into balls rather than spread like a sauce through the macaroni.
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28 Sep 2008
Reviewed by: Cayci_3
This is wonderful. To make it a 5 star, I added some garlic and onion powder. This could give Pizza Hut pasta a run for their money! Great mix of cheeses, the tomatoes pop with flavor outta the oven, and the combination of powders really top it off. Thanks for the recipe!
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15 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: Chef Dan George
Fried 1 pound of hamberger meat and used rotel (mild)...Used sherdded cheese. Topped with crisp bacon. Luv this!
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28 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: JOYCE_NIELSEN
This recipe is o.k. Perhaps I used too much macaroni, as I found it to be too dry for my tastes. The kids' reaction was lukewarm, as was my husband's.
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15 Oct 2012
Reviewed by: Jenny Stover
It was ok for tonight, but the cheese clumped up and some noodles were bare... Not what I was expecting.
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