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Spiced Sweet Potato Pie

Rum, butter and sweet potatoes all combine to make this sweet potato pie deliciously rich. Enjoy with whipped cream or ice cream.
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25 Nov 2004
Reviewed by: GOLDENDUCK
I concur that the amount of sugar listed in the recipe seems too small. I upped the quantity to 2/3 cup of white sugar. Having said that, this is a remarkably easy recipe to fit in to even the time constraints of a full menu, resulting in a pie so delicious that battles ensued as to who will get third helpings. Strongly recommend to cooks of all skill levels.
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26 Nov 2001
Reviewed by: TECHNODAWG
This was my first time ever making a sweet potatoe pie and it was a hit. Quick and easy. Friends and family loved it. I made enough for 2 pies (I cooked 3 large size sweet potatoes.) Thanks for a wonderful recipe.
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17 Nov 2005
Reviewed by: peachypie
I feel sort of bad giving this review to this recipe because clearly I'm in the minority of those who've submitted a review, but I didn't like this recipe at all! This was the first sweet potato pie that I 've made. I've read that oftentimes sweet potato pie is so much better than regular pumpkin pie, so I was anxious to try a sweet potato pie. I followed the recipe exactly, but my husband and I both didn't like it. Of course, I'm comparing it to pumpkin, and maybe that's wrong (like comparing apples to oranges). I therefore didn't rate this recipe. Unfortunately I ended up throwing the pie out and the recipe. I'll stick to pumpkin.
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26 Dec 2000
Reviewed by: ELEUBANK
My guests loved this receipe! I was not sure if the ingredient rum meant extract or pure so I used pure Puerto Rican spiced rum and it gave the pie a wonderful flavor!
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03 Nov 2005
Reviewed by: Sarah Zeigler
This recipe is great! I made it this evening and couldn't let it cool before trying it. This was so quick to assemble with the processor, my three year old helped. I cut back on the sugar since I have gestational diabetes and it was still delicious. Other than that I followed the directions pretty closely, though I added a little more spices to compensate for the reduced sugar. I think I put in about a 1/4 off a cup of brown sugar. I did add a little vanilla, but that just makes sense... This came out really great, it satisfied my craving without making me ill.
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26 Apr 2005
Reviewed by: WEI2GO77
Great pie!! Didn't think it looked right going in the oven, but turned out fantastic! Top it off with a pecan and brown sugar mixture during the last 15 minutes of baking and it's good to go.
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07 Oct 2000
Reviewed by: absentMindedcook
I love this pie. It's the best sweet potatoe pie recipe that I've found. My family, friends, and co-workers make it disappear really fast. You have got to try it
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01 Jan 2005
Reviewed by: RENEE6645
Although this pie was texturally excellent, no one in my family enjoyed the rum taste. I am going to try it again omitting the rum and adding a bit more sugar.
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15 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: Dolly68
This was very, very good. I put on a topping from another recipe, (Sweet Potato Pie). I will make this for Thanksgiving. dggilmore
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19 Nov 2001
Reviewed by: UNISMOM
I was dubious - I thought it might be like pumpkin pie which I hate. No way - it's easy to make, creamy and delicious - not too much nutmeg flavor. I'll do this one again!
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