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Guacamole BLT

A standard bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich is improved with the addition of cream cheese and guacamole. Try it!
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11 May 2013
Reviewed by: Jacqueline2712
so yum but not as healthy as the traditional BLT I'd rather used mashed avocado than guacamole.
13 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: naples34102
I travel a lot and sometimes some of the best recipes I've come across here on AR have been when I'm heading out again and I do a simple ingredient search for recipes that are quick, easy and to use up things I have in the fridge. This was a BLT sandwich LUXE! Over the top good, and quite pretty too. I used homemade Italian bread and, I confess, considerably more of ALL the ingredients than the submitter directed for each sandwich - like probably double. If you aren't as lucky as I was to happen to have leftover guacamole laying around I'm sure that avocado slices would be great too, although the guacamole provides incredible flavor. The bacon is a "gimme" in my book as I think no matter what you use it for it makes it taste better! Combine that bacon with good bread, the creaminess of the cream cheese, more creaminess and flavor from the guacamole, the crunchiness of the lettuce and the juiciness of a red-ripe tomato and you've got yourself one outstanding sandwich. I could easily see this as a wrap too, either using tortillas or simply large lettuce leaves. So glad for the leftovers and search that led me to this recipe!
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10 Apr 2012
Reviewed by: Sarah Jo
I cut the servings back to make just one sandwich. Because I did not have any actual cream cheese at the moment, I used Laughing Cow cheese in it's place. Because i'm eating low carb, I used one side of a Bagel Thin (sandwich slices). The ingredients for one sandwich fit really nicely on one slice of bagel--I was quite surprized. This was quite good. I'll make this again. Very filling.
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09 Apr 2011
Reviewed by: Jillian
This is one "Super" BLT! And to say that is really saying something because I've had a lot of them in my lifetime! Combining bacon, lettuce and tomato is just as classic a combination as peanut butter and jelly in my book. But, this combination of flavors and textures takes this classic to a whole new level! It's creamy and crunchy! I used thick cut smoked bacon, crisp iceburg lettuce, tomatoes seasoned with cracked black pepper, Philly whipped cream cheese, and "Guacamole" by Bob Cody from this site. I put it all on thick slices of toast. If you try this one, prepare your tastebuds for a treat. What a sandwich!
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12 Nov 2009
Reviewed by: Kristie
This was soooooo good! I wasn't sure if I should do the cream cheese too, but it really added to it- I'm glad I did. Thanks for the great recipe!
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14 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: soupisgoodfood33
wow killer sandwich. i made my own guacamole and used garlic and chive cream cheese since its what i had. i made this for my husband who prefers a club sandwich to a plain old blt but i was out of turkey. this would be a great pub dinner night sandwich served with fries. ill make it for him again. dont skip the cream cheese it really adds something.
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09 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: JessB
Very good. I toast those sandwich thins instead of bread, cook bacon in the oven for ease, and sometimes mix in garden/veggie cream cheese for more flavor. Yum.
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12 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: MinnesotaMindy
You can't taste the cream cheese and the guacamole is too overpowering. STICK TO: MAYO BACON LETTUCE TOMATO on second thought how would sliced banana be on that too....?
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03 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: zoezeeb
I made this for my husband last night and he LOVED it! He said it was the best BLT he has ever had! I used pretty thickly sliced pepper bacon and it was perfect! Thank you for this recipe! I'm keepin it!
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26 Jul 2011
Reviewed by: Noni
I have been making this sandwich for a while now. Love it on pumpernickle or any good bread. I had been making a mixture of mayo and mustard (love mustard) but will now use the cream cheese (or laughing cow lite). It is the guacamole or fresh avacado that makes it.
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