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Spinach Cheese Cannelloni

This ricotta-stuffed cannelloni recipe can be made ahead and refrigerated overnight before baking. Very filling and great served with a salad and garlic bread.
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06 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: Lockie
At the risk of sounding like everyone else, this was really good. I made very few changes based on comments by other reviewers - I used minced garlic instead of powder, basil instead of parsley, and I added a scant 1/2 tsp. of red pepper flakes. I also sauteed the onion and garlic before adding. Stuffing the uncooked shells eliminated my normal irritation with making manicotti (which is the fragility of the shells). This pleased both my husband and my two kids, and pleased the most critical of us - me. I loved loved loved that I was able to make it in the morning and just pop it in the oven at dinnertime. It made for a very fuss-free evening, and that in itself is worth lots of stars! Lucky for me it was yummy, too.
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23 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: QuebecGirl
Loved it, exactly what I was looking for. I did not use any water, added more garlic and seasonings to give it a little taste: would have been very bland otherwise. Hubby still found it a little bland, I will triple the parmesan next time. I filled a quart zip bag with the cheese and cut a hole in a corner to fill the noodles, made my life easier.
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23 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: I'm nuts too...
I thought that this was VERY tasty. I cooked the noodles, used fresh spinach, & also used my own meat sauce, (skipping the water because I didn't want to ruin the sauce). Because I skipped the water, I reduced the baking time as well, baking it until the cheese on top was melted. Oh, I tripled the recipe (because I bought a 5 lb. tub of ricotta) and shared some with my neighbors and they told me that they LOVED it! Their 5 yr. old told me, "Michele I like your food", what a great compliment! Thanks Ernie!!
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25 Jul 2008
Reviewed by: Sherry Klewin
I have made Spinach Manicotti similiar to this recipe before. It always turns out excellent. I have tried both ways, pre-cooking the noodles, and adding water to the uncooked version of the recipe. I prefer adding the water, the shells are so much easier to stuff when uncooked. I usually freeze half of the recipe. So easy to just pop in oven next time around. It does not change the taste, etc. of the "sauce" by adding the water. The water is absorbed during the cooking process. Add garlic/cheese bread a salad and glass of wine for a true authenic "Italian Dinner." I totally recommend this recipe~~~~ AAAA++++
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21 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: erin
i make a dish like this often. i use fresh spinach and chop it, and use real garlic. HINT: to stuff the shells easily, spoon the filling into a plastic storage bag, cut of a little bit of one corner, and pipe it into the tube. will save you alot of time. i also cook the noodles for a few minutes to save on baking time.
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05 Jul 2009
Reviewed by: Kate
AWESOME!! Great base recipe, I did make changes by what I thought would be yummy.. I have never made this before but it is something I always order when I'm out, and after the changes I made it ended up being better then any I have had at a restaurant so far. So, I first of all started with a bag of fresh baby spinach, sauteed it in my wok with a tablespoon of olive oil, garlic, and the onion. I used fresh minced garlic. After letting that saute for a few minutes I added 2 tablespoon of fresh sweet basil from my garden instead of parsley, also added dried basil, oregano,garlic powder, parsley and Italian spice all which were eye-balled amounts(Maybe about a tablespoonish of each.) Also plenty of pepper, and a few dashes of salt. I let saute for a couple more minutes then set aside to let cool so the cheese wouldn't melt when it was mixed together. When cooled I mixed it with the ricotta, parmesan, mozza and the egg. Stuffed in to uncooked manicotti noodles and made sauce like recipe called for. Baked at 375 for an hour. Amazing. Everyone who ate it gave it rave reviews and are already asking when it will be made again. Hope this helps!
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26 Sep 2004
Reviewed by: CZCOOKS
This is a great make ahead party recipe. I spice it up with some cooked Italian sausage, and a pinch or two of crused red pepper. I have also sub. fresh basil for the parsley and I use 1T. of minced garlic in the ricotta instead of the powder. I serve it with Italian bread and a tossed salad.
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24 Jun 2008
Reviewed by: Sarah
I did not add the water, and had it in the oven for five minutes longer than called for. It turned out perfect. Very tasty!!
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02 Aug 2005
Reviewed by: TRACEY
Very Good!!! I used the large shells instead of manicotti and precooked them that way I didn't have to water down the sauce. Also I added ground chicken to the mixture (precooked it of course!), it was Fantastic!!!!
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17 Oct 2005
Reviewed by: nw
This recipe is excellent. I cooked the manicotti first then stuffed by hand- much easier. No need to add water when cooking manicotti first.any leftovers freeze well.
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