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Bourbon Balls

This is my take on chocolate rum balls which uses bourbon in place of the rum. It isn't Christmas without them!
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08 Nov 2008
Reviewed by: Trinka G
YOWZAAAAA! Fantastic recipe! These taste just like the rum balls my mom made during the holidays. When I told her about them, she said it sounds like the same recipe although she used crushed grahm crackers instead of the vanilla wafers - so there is a substitution if you don't have any Nilla wafers on hand! I do have the following advice for making this candy though: 1. Use the "real" vanilla wafers - off brands with off tastes will affect the quality of your rum balls.The standard 12-ounce box makes your 2 1/2 cups of crushed cookie crumbs. 2. Crush the wafers in two batches in a food processor. This makes them powdery and very easy to mix into the mixture. 3.DO REMOVE THE MELTED CHOCOLATE FROM THE HEAT AS SOON AS ALL THE CHIPS HAVE MELTED and before adding the sugar, alcohol, corn syrup, and cookie crumbs. Even on a gas stove, leaving it on the eye with the heat turned off will make your chocolate "seize" and it won't be teh correct texture you are looking for. 4. Melt the chocolate chips in a 3-quart saucepan on the smallest eye on your stove on Low heat, stirring almost constantly. Once the chips are melted, you can add the remaining ingredients to the saucepan and still have lots of room to stir without making a mess all over the counter. 5. I find the chocolate cools quick enough once you are through stirring to handle and make into balls. The first time I made these, I did refrigerate the mixture and it made it difficult to roll into nice balls - they were kind of
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03 Dec 2005
Reviewed by: MOTTOS
Rum Balls are tradition in Germany during the xmass Holidays. I usually buy them online at a German Store but decided to make them myself this year. Remembering how my grandmother used to make them I took this as a basic reciped using milk chocolate. One week before making the Rum Balls I took 1/2 cup of Raisins (a must in the original rum ball) chopped them up and soaked in the Rum for the week. If you do not like Rum you can also try using Amaretto. Then finished the recipe. The closest thing I found to the original thus far.
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21 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: EJFUENTES
loved em............. i heat the bourbon in the microwave and dissolve the sugar in it before mixing with the melted chips and syrup.
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16 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: Renuka
These really go faaaaasssst! These rum balls were way too easy to make and very tasty too. I made one batch to see how they came out...and now I am in the process of making about 4 more batches to give out as gifts this Christmas..and maybe even Diwali next year! A few suggestions: 1) Roll the balls in cocoa powder or a mixture of cocoa and icing sugar. Only icing sugar or white sugar makes it too sweet. Rolling the balls in crushed nuts is great too! 2)Add the rum soaked raisins for a richer taste. 3) If the mixture turns out too liquidy, just let it stay in the fridge a bit longer. 4)And yes, bit of alcohol goes a long way.
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08 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: Anndria Miller
My first batch I used milk chocolate chips and captain morgans silver rum. They were great and everyone loved them. The next batch I used semi-sweet with some cheap rum and they were terrible.
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24 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: sandyspeed
I used white chocolate and Midori Melon flavored liquer, for "Melon Balls". They're a deliciously different take on rum and bourbon balls.
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21 Nov 2007
Reviewed by: Kate
These are very good with bourbon (never tried the rum). I ran out of vanilla wafers and wanted to make another batch, so I substituted crushed graham crackers, and they worked well, too.
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01 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: ginger
I made these for Christmas this year. They were very popular at my holiday party and I was asked for the recipe. I see the logic of dissolving the sugar in the rum after making them - I'll do that next time. They really do get better as the 7th day approaches. Excellent recipe; thanks.
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16 Jan 2005
Reviewed by: DECEMBER21
Loads of praise for these! We used milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet and it cut the liquor taste down a bit. Also used only about 1/3 c. of bourbon and it was plenty. Everyone at our party went bonkers over them!
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01 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: HAIRGODDESS
I used rum and these were the best I've made. Everyone loved them, go light on the alcohol though, a little goes a long way.
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