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Fiery Chicken and Vegetable Pasta

Different from your standard creamy chicken pasta, this recipe has the assertive flavours of jalapeno chilli, mustard and Cajun seasoning.
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19 May 2008
Reviewed by: Cheesecakemama
Well I could not find a "snake", so I used chicken. The flavors are wonderful, there is so much you can do with this recipe. I would have never put all those flavors together. I just sauteeded my chicken in some olive oil and salt and pepper in piece, I did not flour it. I think that "Italian Sausage" would be good in this recipe also. I chopped up my veggies as I wanted the kid to eat them, but he still found them. He loved the flavor though.. I only made 1/2 because there is two of us. If you are looking for this to have more sauce I would double the cream and maybe the parm. THANKS SO MUCH.. LOVE IT!! N*R...
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20 Oct 2008
Reviewed by: Trease
I had this dish in a very nice resturant in the area. I did add a few more veggies and I doubled the cream but using fat free cream. I used grilled chicken to help reduce the fat. The dish was just wonderful and just like what was served in the resturant! Thanks for sharing
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19 May 2008
Reviewed by: prell2k4
N*R, very tasty. The only change I made was to not dreg the chicken in flour and because I like spice, I seasoned the chicken with a 1/4 tsp of the cajun seasoning. I would say to add more veggies and if you want sauce you need to add more cream as 1 cup is not enough. I use 2 cups of cream with 3/4 box of the fettuccine. All in all it is worth making and I will be making this again, it is a quick week night recipe.
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24 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: David Nitcher
I really liked this recipe, the Parmesan melded with the heavy cream creating a truly decadent sauce. I decided to go all veggie on this as I had neither chicken nor rattlesnake in my larder. I threw in some canned chick peas for protein and they added a nice touch IMHO. I will be making this again tonight for some guests.
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31 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: Tiner
This is a really good recipe. I used 2 cups of cream using the same amount of seasoning & mustard as the recipe calls for. I also used 1/2 of a jalapeno so it woudn't be to spicy for our daughter. Great flavor.
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18 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: MrMrsScott
I LOVED this. My husband would prefer a bit more heat but I though the flavor was amazing. I did use fire roasted diced tomatoes which were a great compliment to the cajun spices.
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23 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: Nancy
Very good. The only thing I would have done differently would be to cook the meat first an set aside. I waited until my pasta was done to fry the chicken and the noodles were a little sticky.
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11 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: Meghan
I tried the easy way to do this recipe. I used Garlic & Olive Oil Pasta Roni, while that was cooking I cooked my chicken and added the vegtables and other ingredients torward the end, then i put it all in with the pasta, PERFECT in less than 25 minutes total.
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15 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: CAMSITKA
LOVED this. Used 1 C heavy cream and an additional 1/3 C of half and half to make more sauce. It was a dish to be proud of for sure!
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17 Mar 2012
Reviewed by: Yancando
This lived up to it's name even though I did not use rattlesnake meat. The pasta has a little bite to it! I served with thinly sliced flank steak. I would serve the pasta as an entree by meat needed. It is fabulous!
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