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Corn Chip Battered Fish

I love the flavour of corn chips and they make a great coating for baked fish. Experiment with different flavours of chips.
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08 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: Tanaquil
Recipe to note to previous reviewer: This is my recipe and I actually use Cool Ranch Doritos in this. Try different flavors and see which one you like best. I have used everything from plain Fritos to BBQ flavored corn chips, but the Cool Ranch remains our fav. ~Tan
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15 May 2009
Reviewed by: brookerscookers
Or use Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips! I love the taste of cool ranch doritos, but its so distinctive and almost too strong.
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14 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: alan the Great
This was great with ordinary corn chips and a very easy recipe!
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11 Sep 2010
Reviewed by: oleslena
Thought this was great! Next time I'll rev up the chili powder a tad but the combo of ranch tortilla chips & the zip of the chili powder makes a very bland fish very good.
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15 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: gina
It was ok. It seemed like it was missing something. But couldn't figure it out. I have no idea where you could find rach torilla chip's. Where we live we don't have those. And one point in time we had ranch corn chip's but they were only limited time. So the only think I could find to use was cool ranch dorito's.
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25 May 2010
Reviewed by: Kara Cheney Rudd
Yummy! I used my favorite regular corn chips (Juanita's) and threw in some cheese flavored French's onions. This was so tasty. I also made a quick sauce out of mexican style sour cream and salsa which I think added a final touch. I will definitely make again.
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17 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: Tina
Super Easy! I needed mine to be gluten free so I used plain corn tortilla crumbs (you can get them in the bread crumb aisle) and added ranch flavored popcorn seasoning. Excellent!
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15 May 2012
Reviewed by: MarkBlair
This was pretty good
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07 Oct 2007
Reviewed by: Linda Mayer
This was fast and good! Who would have thought that that taste had the dorito's in it??
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03 May 2011
Reviewed by: RDG
Easy and tasty. I will definitely make again, though will add more spices and try a different chip (just for variety).
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