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Prawn Linguine with Pesto Sauce

A beautiful combination of prawns and fresh vegetables in a rich velvety pesto sauce. Serve with crusty bread.
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31 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: natsmom
This was fantastic! I just love recipes like this-looks like it was complicated to make, but so simple! I made the basil pesto fresh the day before and omitted the mushrooms as they weren't on hand. I found the dish goes through stages and keeping it simmering just a bit longer than the 4 min. gets it out of that "oily" clumpy stage into a nice , smooth creamy sauce.
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09 Apr 2003
Reviewed by: Ewolfe
This was awesome! I omitted the shrimp and replaced it with chicken. Used 2% milk, but will use cream next time for a thicker texture. Used a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes for a spicy kick, instead of fresh, but did use fresh mushrooms. Added this to spinach linguini and it was wonderful! Even my 4 year old loved it!
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30 Oct 2008
Reviewed by: Nikki Filippone
Delicious! I didn't have any shrimp or mushrooms, so I made the pasta with just the cream sauce, and it turned out wonderfully. The only thing I did change is that I added an extra tablespoon of flower. After mixing in the Pesto, I felt that the sauce was still too thin, and I didn't think it would stick well to the pasta. After I added the flower, I let it simmer for an extra 5 minutes and it was perfect. Adding the pasta helped too because the starch from the pasta made it a bit less liquidy as well. Great recipe!
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07 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: HAWESA
We really loved this. One thing... I don't think it needs all the oil and butter that the recipe calls for. I would use 1/2 the olive oil next time and we used half the butter; it was still really creamy and I couldn't tell the difference. We also used skim milk. Really yummy over homemade tortellini!
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31 Aug 2006
Reviewed by: MOMTESS
Delicious! Even with soy milk! My family can't really do cows' milk, so I was looking for a good pesto cream sauce that I could sub out the milk. I followed the recipe with the following modifications: I chopped the garlic rather than slice it, I cut the butter (Earth Balance Buttery Sticks) to 1/4 cup and stirred the flour into the oil/onions/garlic/butter (making a roux) before adding 2 cups Silk brand plain soy milk. I used Pecorino Romano cheese (sheeps' milk, we can tolerate that well) and used prepared pesto made with the same. My family raved (even the picky 9-year old). This is definitely a keeper, and now I know it works with soy milk, I will probably make different flavored variations of the cream sauce.
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21 Sep 2005
Reviewed by: coolgrandma
absolutely fabulous, delicious. I did saute the mushrooms with the onion and garlic; and then stirred in the flour "before" I added the milk;(like a roux);no lumps! I also used sauteed chicken tenders in place of shrimp. This recipe is yummy
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06 Aug 2009
Reviewed by: f00d junky!
Its going to be my All time favourite pasta recipes. It's awsome! And the best part is that it looked exactly like the picture. I prepared fresh pesto and the taste was absolutely devine!!!
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19 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: SaraLee
I made this dish for a man that I was dating. He raved about it saying it was a gourmet meal. I found it very easy to make and I am a fairly unexperienced cook. The only change that I might make would to leave the tomatoes out. They seemed to thin the sauce out. Overall the taste was outstanding! Definately the best meal that I have ever made.
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01 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: NewBride
Yum! This was good stuff! Be sure to cook the shrimp ahead of time. Somehow I glossed over the fact that you were to use cooked shrimp and assumed it would be sauteed along with everything else. We served this along with asparagus and garlic bread, and it was great together! I like the suggestion someone made to add artichoke hearts and will try that next time we make it. And there will be a next time! The recipe is really rich though. My husband said he loved it but no way he could eat a second helping. I think this is one everyone will love.
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19 May 2006
Reviewed by: JELLY23
This recipe is really good -- I use a little less flour and no mushrooms. (Just personal preference on the mushrooms) As a garnish, and I think as something that adds an extra textural boost to the dish, I also slice roma tomatoes, and arrange them on top. As far as the problem with the tomatoes making things too watery -- As odd as it sounds, I wrap the diced tomatoes tightly in paper towels to drain out the excess, and that fixed the problem for me.
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