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Spaghetti with Peanut Ginger Sauce

This is an Asian-themed pasta dish which uses spaghetti instead of Chinese noodles. Tastes equally good cold or warm.
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03 Jan 2002
Reviewed by: Simi
My husband LOVED this, add since he needs to gain a few pounds, I will be making it often. :-) Make sure to follow the direction to cook on LOW heat-- I didn't and burned the heck out of the onions and ginger the first time! Oops! Very good-- cold too!
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11 Nov 2008
Reviewed by: Ms Maggie
My kids (4 and 2.5) LOVED this dish! I have tried several sweeter type dishes to try to win them over on anything other than Mac & Cheese, and it took until this recipe to make it happen. They devoured it. In order to add protein to the dish I added cubed chicken, and for vegetables I added peas (which might sound odd for a Thai Style dish but my kids wouldn't eat snow peas or sugarsnap peas, which might be more suitable). It worked great! I sauteed the chicken prior to making the sauce, and then threw the cooked chicken back into the sauce when it was done prior to tossing with the pasta. Excellent recipe, thank you!
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14 Nov 2006
Wow! HATED these. WAY too salty. Maybe if I'd taken the advice of other reviewers and only used half the listed amount of soy--but I always try the recipe as written before making changes. In fact, if I made this again (which I won't) I'd use maybe 5 Tablespoons of soy and instead of cider vinegar, use balsamic vinegar. But that advice would be for the next reader of these reviews cause I'm continuing my search for good cold noodles.
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09 Jul 2003
Reviewed by: islandgirlejfan
This is a truly awesome sauce! I doubled the recipe to accomodate a 16 ounce box of spaghetti and to make it a full meal I cooked boneless chicken breasts in terriyaki sauce and garlic. I sliced that and put in on top of the noodles along with julianned green pepper, celery and cucumber. Everyone loved it!
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22 Sep 2013
Reviewed by: KK
I kinda winged this one - I love thai peanut sauce, but I hate pad thai (AKA rice noodles). This recipe popped up today with good ratings, so I went for it! I used roughly 1/3 pkg of whole wheat spaghetti, nearly a lb of chicken breast, which I boiled and lightly shredded with a fork, and broccoli, which I blanched just until tender, drained, then briefly sauteed in a bit of sesame oil in my pan. I removed the broccoli from the pan, and added it to the bowl of shredded chicken to keep for later. I put three cloves of garlic and about 2 inches of ginger root into my cuisinart to mince. It came to about 2-3 tablespoons total. I sauteed with the green onion in sesame, as directed. Instead of adding straight up white sugar (sounded gross) We have many thai sauces in our fridge. I used a few tablespoons of sweet chili sauce (which has sugar, as well as other spices) and instead of pepper flakes, I used garlic chili sauce (another handy, but spicier thai sauce, both can be found very inexpensive at your local Asian grocer, great to use for dipping sauces or marinades). Used about 1/8 cup or a couple of tablespoons of the low-sodium soy sauce. I added to taste, so as not to go overboard with the salt. I also added a light pouring of rice vinegar, a small tablespoon or so. I had coconut water, so I added that until the sauce loosened up. Mixed in the noodles, chicken and broccoli and topped with chopped roasted peanuts!
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11 Jul 2011
Reviewed by: blueshell2
only 2 T soy sauce and a little more water and some salt
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06 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: Avon- status quo PRO
I make these all the time for a quick and easy dinner. For us, there is too much peanut butter in the original recipe. I've found that about 3 TBSP with a bit more soy sauce is just about perfect. I also top with cilantro and chopped peanuts. Makes great leftovers served cold for the next days lunch.
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17 Jun 2002
Reviewed by: Michelle S
This is a fantastic recipe! Also very quick! I made it with crunchy peanut butter and olive oil since I forgot to pick up the sesame. It came out great! It was creamy and not salty like some people complained. (Most likely depends on the brand of soy sauce you use.) My boyfriend has already requested that we make this recipe again this week.
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29 May 2012
Reviewed by: Gail Cobile
We love this recipe with a couple of changes. I slice several green onions (white and green part), use only about 2 teaspoons of peanut butter, otherwise the PB is overwhelming and adds to the saltiness. I also add a few drops of Chinese fire oil (careful!!) for a bit of a kick and less sesame oil than called for. Love sesame oil but this, too, can be an over-powering taste. It's very strong. Have often tossed in leftover pork, chicken or beef to stretch a dollar now and then. We love it without the meat, as a side dish. Excellent while noodles are still warm or the next day after being chilled. Have also added chopped red, green, yellow bell peppers for eye appeal and super crunch. Grandkids love it and daughter often takes it to work for her lunch.
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29 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: punkmamaAMBER
A couple weeks before I made this recipe I tried noodle and peanut sauce from the salad bar at whole foods. Seriously had a craving for weeks. I thought it was my favorite thing in the world till I tried this!!!! I followed the directions exatly except I used less red pepper flake (kids were going to eat this too), all I had was low sodium Tamari so I used that and after cooking for a while the sauce seemed really thick so I add just a bit more water. To make it a whole meal I cooked tofu and mixed it in and added chopped red pepper for color. I never cooked anything like this before and it turned out awesome!!!
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