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Eye Fillets with Sweet Mushroom Sauce

This recipe might seem a little strange but you have to try it! Steak fillets with a sauce involving mushrooms, jam and ice cream! Fruity and tender.
Reviews (31)

21 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: trinocat
This recipe sounds scary, but give it a try! It's a little sweet but sooo good! We served it for dinner guests everyone loved and no one guessed there was ice cream in the sauce!
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09 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: TrixieDarty
It was pretty good, I used strawberry jam instead of jelly. It was kind of sweet, not sure it was my favorite flavor but I will definately make it again. YUM YUM!!
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23 Nov 2008
Reviewed by: Jack A
A web gem! I used fresh mushrooms and deglazed with dry sherry. This is truly gormet beef.
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07 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: DJ
Good. I will try again, a little more salt and less ice cream.
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20 Nov 2010
Reviewed by: JenL1023
AWESOME! I really wasn't sure about the ingredients, but it is so good! I made it for my boyfriend who is kind of a foodie and he loved it! I also made it for my family who is really picky and they loved it and requested the recipe! I highly recommend it! ***I used filet migon and diced my mushrooms really fine!***
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24 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: DWIRICK1
This was an excellent recipe. We used a very tender filet which helped. I actually added the mushrooms sliced to the pan with the filets (instead of chopped and in with the butter spread.) Presentation was wonderful and it was easy to do well.
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29 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: Lisa
I thought this was rather gross. It was way too sweet.
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14 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: YummyT
Didn't pan fry. Grilled the steak. Needed more mushrooms in the sauce. Funky to add vanilla ice cream.
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09 Dec 2008
I had to drain the sauce and make a quick gravy. My family was not too impressed with this one
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06 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: Cathy G.
Excellent!!!! This cooked up very quickly and the sauce was so good. It was a nice change of pace and not overly sweet but the taste of the jam and ice cream come through. I will definetly make this again.
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