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Dairy-Free Orange Chiffon Cake

This is a very good orange chiffon cake, and it is completely dairy-free. Serve plain or ice with orange icing.
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25 Sep 2003
Reviewed by: hope03
Oh, oh, oh! This was sublime! I searched for this recipe for years. We would savor this cake as kids growing up in Hawaii. Loved it more than the guava version. I did punch up the orange flavor a lot. Here's how: Used one fresh orange for the zest and then squeezed the juice into the 3/4 measuring cup. Filled the rest of the cup with frozen orange juice concentrate (undiluted. Also, used orange food coloring and an extra egg (yolk and white) for more richness and rise. The texture was super. Light and tender. Heavenly orange flavor. Thank you so much. Made it a third time.
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23 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: Chrisa
Very good. The only reason that I gave it a four was because on the recipe, it said to place the cake in an ungreased tube pan- and I had a lot of trouble getting it out. I was able to salvage my cake and cover up some of the affected spots with the orange glaze from this site. (Which was very good and complimented the cake nicely.) Everyone seemed quite pleased with the taste of this cake and using the icing like glue- the appearance wasn't all that bad- it actually looked good. Good recipe and I would make it again- Only in a greased pan.
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11 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: johnzer
This is a wonderful, light cake. To make the recipe a little better, use castor sugar instead of the white sugar. If you can't find castor sugar in your market, which is simply super fine sugar, put 1-1/2 c. sugar in your food processor and give it a whiz for about 45 seconds to a minute. The sugar will dissolve in the batter more easily and create and even lighter cake.
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01 May 2000
Reviewed by: Lonnie
This is a great "keeper cake" -- perfect to have on hand for serving with summer fruits and berries. It dresses up nicely with custards or creams and quickly becomes an Old Standby Cake. Can't imagine not making it about four or five times a year.
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11 Jun 2011
Reviewed by: LaChecha Sheppard
This was my first time making any type of "chiffon" cake. I must say this recipe ROCKED!!! The cake was light and fluffy and big enough to serve many, many folks! I served this cake with whipped cream and mandarin orange segments. A total hit!
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16 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: kyla
This cake was perfect. Just how how a real cake should be. Will definitely use again and again. I made it in a greased 10 inch round and lined the bottom with parchment and it worked fine.
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13 Sep 2000
Reviewed by: CRN
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21 Aug 2011
Reviewed by: Neeta Chowdhry
I tried this cake because a friend specifically requested an orange cake. It was then added that it should be "angel food cake" like and this picture looked like it so I tried it. First, let me just say it is more like pound cake. But the other reviewers are right when they say it needs something to add moisture--it came out kind of dry. Second, this is a recipe that is meant to be used with a hand mixer. So if you have a stand mixer like me, you are better off putting the whites in the stand mixer's bowl and hand mixing the other portion. Having made the cake twice, next time I would modify it to use orange juice concentrate rather than just orange juice, or orange juice with a tablespoon of orange extract. (I used a teaspoon and it wasn't enough). Also, if you're using fresh zest, use a box grater rather than a zesting tool. The first time I made it the zest strings got caught on the mixer blades and the side of the pan and didn't make it in the cake. The second time I made it I used scissors to cut the strands into smaller portions. As other reviewers said, you need to spray the pan. I didn't because I have a nonstick pan and it ended up sticking. Finally, the cooking time was 35 minutes, not 60. The cake didn't rise nearly as much as I expected looking at the picture. You will be fine using a bundt cake pan. Overall, it's a good recipe but I think the directions could be a little clearer, and modifications need to be made, which is why I gave it a 3.
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06 Jul 2011
I made a grapefruit chiffon cake instead of orange, and the flavor turned out really good. The texture was not as light and fluffy as I was hoping but I think that was more my heavy handedness than anything. I will probably try it again and see if I can't get it lighter this time.
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07 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: Barbara Robbins
I lost this recipe many years ago and I am very grateful that I found this one. This is the best orange chiffon cake ever! Everyone I have made it for wants the recipe or wants me to make another for them. Thank you, Bubbi from MA
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