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Vinegar BBQ Sauce

This is an amazing barbecue sauce, tangy and thin with no tomato. The quantities makes a lot so share it with your friends!
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06 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: ClaudiaMagda
I really liked this recipe. The only thing I did differently, was I halved the amount of cayenne and black pepper it called for and added 2/3 cup of brown sugar (made the recipe based on 10 servings). I slow cooked a 5lb. pork butt roast, added the sauce it was delicious. Next time I make this sauce I'll use 3/4 of the cayenne and pepper it calls for. I like it hot!!!
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20 Apr 2010
Reviewed by: Anna Bushka
This sauce was not nearly as potent on the meat as it was when I tested it by itself before I served it. My kids gobbled it up, they loved it, although I did reduce the cayenne pepper a bit. My favorite part was the way it made the pork chops taste less "porky". =)
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14 Nov 2009
Reviewed by:
A very good and easy recipe. Delicious, with one point off for the heat. I could only drizzle a tiny bit on my pork or my lips would burn. I love spicy foods and make a homemade ramen soup that'll give you palpitations, but this was INTENSE! I'll absolutely make it again, but I'll cut way down on the cayenne next time.
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08 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: Elaine Mical
Tangy with lots of heat...perfect for pulled pork topped with cole slaw
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03 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: recipehound
My husband used to hate BBQ until he tried this! We love the recipe! First, I cooked pork in slow cooker. Scaled back the # of servings of BBQ sauce to 4 and that made @ 1.25 cups. I substituted fresh lemon thyme for lemon juice- worked great. I used less cayenne and substituted hot sauce and red pepper flakes to taste.
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19 Oct 2009
Reviewed by: rjnicholson
I loved this although it is way too spicy for my husband. Next time I will make 2 batches - one for me per the recipe and one for him with the spices adjusted. Thank you for posting!!
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22 Nov 2015
Reviewed by: Soup Loving Nicole
Holy WOW this is HOT! The flavor is good but I would scale way back on the cayenne and black pepper if I were you. You can always add more heat but you cannot take it back.
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30 Oct 2014
Reviewed by: Shawn Ray Stanley
Best barbecue there is
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18 Jul 2013
Reviewed by: Amy Patterson
A wonderful reminder of BBQ from home in NC. Thanks for reminding me what BBQ is supposed to taste like.
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05 Jun 2016
Reviewed by: abmalish
Just made this a while ago, the briquette is still on the grill so I don't know how its going to be on the meat but out of the pot, it is first rate. The only thing I changed was that I didn't use any Cayenne, it is spicy enough for me with out it. This sauce reminds me of the BBQ we used to get in Cherry Point, NC when I was in the Marine Corps.
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