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Moroccan Chicken Tagine

A great Moroccan style dish with chicken, chickpeas, vegetables and spices. Serve with flat bread for sopping up the juices.
Reviews (281)

19 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: ToniStylos
Not very flavorful.
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06 Jan 2005
Reviewed by: Lindsay Ingham
I thought this dish was ok, and my husband really liked it. I will likely make it again because of its nutritious value--low in fat and high in protein. I forgot to get the tomatoes and chicken broth at the store so I did without. Instead, I used to small cans of tomato sauce and then used the empty can to add two canfuls of water to the dish. I served it with Curried Cumin Potatoes (a good side dish when served under the Moroccan Chicken, added lime and ginger).
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05 Jun 2004
Reviewed by: DANIELLE2877
I didn't think this recipe was very interesting. I enjoy spicy foods, and found this it needed more spicing up. More garlic and more hot stuff! Otherwise, pretty good - a fast and basic recipe.
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10 May 2004
Reviewed by: PPK
Pretty good. Will make again.
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16 Apr 2004
Reviewed by: Kelly Dally
Flavors were wonderful in this chicken dish. I did over cook the chicken just a bit but it still was a winner. I left out the tomatoes and also used chicken tenders. Also ran out of lemon juice and ended up leaving it out. The lemon juice was not missed.
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17 Mar 2004
Reviewed by: auntmisbehavin
This was pretty good. I used chicken tenders and had tons left over for lunch the next day.
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18 Feb 2004
Reviewed by: NITROJEN
If it were just me, there'd be four stars, but my children didn't like this. I think the orangey color put them off and the zucchini was sort of mushy (maybe I cooked it too long; be careful!). I thought it tasted really good but not quite as spicy as I like so I boosted all the spices a bit toward the end. I also added more salt.
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15 Feb 2004
Reviewed by: sarahiswright
Absolutely delicious! The spices were amazing. I left out the zucchini and tomatoes (I don't like them), but this dish was still very tasty and healthy. Thanks!
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10 Dec 2003
Reviewed by: RAINESMAMA1
I love this dish! Instead of zucchini, I use yellow squash and I think it makes it all the better. Serve it with some rice, and it is the bomb!
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01 Dec 2003
Reviewed by: EBARHA
Sooo very good! We only made one change: forgot to buy crushed tomatoes so just diced a whole one. Spicy and a delicious blend of my favorite spices. The chickpeas are key. Served over couscous for company and everyone took seconds! Try it.
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