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Crispy Flat Bread

This recipes makes delicious large crackers, perfect with melted cheese on them as a snack. Make sure you roll the dough VERY thin, almost see-through.
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15 Jul 2009
Reviewed by: Katie C.
I made the lavash this afternoon, and I'm eating some right now. I found the recipe to be clear, easy to follow, and accurate. I did use whole wheat flour; in fact, I used all whole wheat flour as the lavash I typically buy and enjoy is whole grain. My lavash turned out very nutty and crunchy. Although I'm eating it plain right now, I see it as an excellent partner for cheese. To Jellylava who had trouble with it sticking when stacked, I would suggest using wax paper to separate the lavash pieces. This ought to stop the sticking problem. Although you're probably doing this, make sure you flour your rolling pin and work space too. By the way, I made a half recipe and it turned out fine.
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24 Feb 2008
Reviewed by: Theresa Jensen
Thank you. This is a wonderful recipe. Unfortunately I didn't have any wheat flour so I just used regular. I also used a pizza stone at 475 for about 5 minutes. They turned out wonderful. I also agree with using havarti cheese on top. Delicious.
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14 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: kmpublic
Great recipe. I didn't have whole wheat flour and used AP - it worked fine. I put about 1T cracked black pepper and 1 T Poppy Seeds in. I was stunned at how thin these would roll out I dusted the top with Kosher salt, and used a fork to dock them all over prior to baking. I tried baking on pizza stone and also in a heated ungreased half sheet pan. I preferred the half sheet pan, my pizza stone has charred semolina/cornmeal on it and the bread rounds picked up these bits. The next day I put them in a low oven (250) for a couple of minutes to warm them - and they were even better than fresh out of the oven.
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25 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: jangogh
Yah! the recipe has been found! big fan at the deli and now its mine! I used a pasta roller to get perfectly thin! easy peezy!
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13 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: becourageous1
Cracker bread is the perfect name. This is thin and awesomely crunchy. The only change I made was brushing on some olive oil and sprinkling some rosemary before baking. It took me a few tries to get the dough thin enough and it seemed to help letting the dough sit uncovered on the counter for 20 minutes or so. Thanks for the recipe!
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06 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: Jenny
Very nice! The only thing I did different was brushing on some olive oil and sprinkling them with sea salt before putting them in the oven. I recommend doing exactly what the recipe says and rolling out ALL the dough paper thin before putting the first batch in the oven. I was scrambling to roll them out between batches; my mistake! Very light, crunchy, and strong enough to support my boyfriend's super bowl cheese dip!
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11 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: Clang
Terrific recipe, Betty. For a killer taste, try brushing with olive oil and cook over direct heat on the grill. About a minute on each side. The taste is awesome! Lost about half the batch - stuck to the wax paper so might need to sprinkle some flour on the paper while waiting to cook.
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08 Jul 2009
Reviewed by: Jellylava
I made this for the first time today and I am wondering if I will get better at it. The results were delicious but it took me over 5 hours. I couldn't keep up with the rolling in order to get them into the oven and so I ended up rolling the rest of the dough and then turning the oven back on - only the last 10 or so were usable as they had stuck together. I don't know whether to oil them or flour them more to keep them separate and I don't have enough space to lay them all out while waiting so that is why I stacked them. If I try these again I will experiment with using my pasta machine to do the rolling and then cut off sections to bake. In any case it was fun trying and as I said they are delicious. I am eating one right now!
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31 Oct 2010
Reviewed by: sunsprout
These were great! A bit tough to roll out, but that may have been due to my kitchen's temperature (it was rather warm when I made these). They tasted great fresh and worked well for the next two days in our lunch boxes. My advise: make sure you have a large amount of counter space for rolling out and make sure your counter is cool (not warm). Edited to add: I tried these again for Thanksgiving with only all-purpose flour... they never rose! I do not think the flour would have made that much of a difference. No clue as to what I did differently, but I will try these again.
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07 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: Am & Ad's Gram
I tried this today and found it simple and pleasant to work with. I did use spelt flour instead of wwheat increasing it to 1cup. I also used a mixture of white mostly organic flours ihave already mixed for baking. I also use bulk instant yeast so I guesstemated,pretty good. I was greatful for the suggestion of the long , even so I still had mor than enough, or too little Lavash cracker bread. No problem. I was so tired any way, so I rolled some. Let the rest in the log froze them. This way I can make a batch when I'm tryiny soda bread and sweet Irish bread.Because the ones I did make Iput myhomemade yogurtcream cheese w/ dried onion spinach-oliveoil-jalapeno dip on them, with one of his favorite homemade soups, lima bean. Did he like the cracker bread? No, he loved them, asked me for 3 more, after I intiallt gave him 1 large, 1small. Next, I'm trying them with my homemade fruit butters and yogurt cream cheese/nuts and tea. thanks Betty, I'm going to share with some of my tea loveers!!
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