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Chicken Alfredo Lasagne

Here's a different kind of lasagne made with chicken, ricotta and spinach. It's so good that my family requests it at least once a week. Serve with diced tomato as a garnish.
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28 Feb 2002
Reviewed by: MISSLIZASU
I added extra chicken to this recipe. Also, did not follow the recommended layering technique. I made this lasagna the way I make my regular lasagna: 1) mixed ALL of the alfredo sauce with the chicken; 2) put a little sauce on bottom of pan so it won't stick; 3)layer of noodles; 4) layer of chicken/sauce mixture; 5)layer of mozzarella; 6) layer of spinach. Repeat last three layers two more times. Cover and bake 50-60 minutes, than uncover, add mozzarella cheese on top and bake until chees is golden.
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26 Aug 2002
Reviewed by: SJTT
Served this at a dinner party and got rave reviews! I doubled the recipe, used the lasagna noodles you don't have to cook, Classico Roasted Garlic Alfredo sauce and added 1 bunch of chopped spring onions to the sauce. I also spread about a cup of the sauce on the bottom of the pan before adding the noodles so they didn't stick, then mixed the chicken in with the rest of the sauce and put about another cup of it on top of the last layer of noodles before adding the cheese.
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18 Jan 2002
Reviewed by: BYMADDOX
This lasagna was delicious! The only thing I did differently was that I added 1/2 of an onion and some sliced garlic cloves sauteed in olive oil. I mixed the onion/garlic mixture in with the chicken and sauce...YUM!
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11 Feb 2003
Reviewed by: LYDINIA
Really very good. I split the recipe in half and put the two lasagnas in square 8x8 dishes, one for tonight, one to freeze. I would say each 8x8 dish would give me 6 good size servings. I did add a little more chicken to the recipe, as well as garlic salt and italian seasonings.
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28 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: KITKA714
This is a great recipie! I did changed some things though, i cut the spinach so that I only used 5oz., I added a can of drained and chopped artichoke hearts to the spinach and ricotta mixtutre, and marinated the chicken in worstishire sauce to give it a little kick. Excellent recipie! Also, if your a vegeterian you can add firm, marinated tofu instead of chicken. Enjoy!
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01 Oct 2006
Reviewed by: StacyM
I used less ricotta (24oz) & it turned out fine. I added onion salt, garlic powder, & a touch of italian seasoning to the ricotta/spinach mixture... it'll really need it. Make sure the noodles on the top layer aren't bare in any areas, they'll dry out. We loved it & we'll make it again.
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17 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: KayT28
First . . . I used this recipe scaled to half (4 servings), but it made much more than 4 servings--it was actually 6-8. That said, I thought this tasted rather bland, I ended up pouring tomato spaghetti sauce over the top of each portion--my husband and I both liked it much better that way. This was easy and fast to make, but if I make this again I will definitely make tomato sauce a part of the recipe, possibly alternating layers of tomato sauce and alfredo.
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20 Jul 2010
Reviewed by: tiffhoung
Made this yesterday night. My first time cooking anything of substance and it was easy to do. USE THE ROASTED GARLIC ALFREDO SAUCE and you won't need to add a lot of salt, pepper and seasonings. I also added mushrooms, broccoli, and onions so I would have more fillings in the lasagna. Turned out great. Took it out after 45 minutes and the top was a bit burnt, but that's my fault. Love it.
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23 Dec 2000
Reviewed by: addam
this was the best lasagna I have ever had. It's easy to make, and can feed a large number of people in a pot-luck setting. My co-workers said it was the best they had tasted and ask for the recipe. I told them to get it here!!!
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20 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: STACINET
This was delicious! My whole family loved it! I followed the recipe pretty closely. I seasoned the chicken with garlic salt and pepper, then seared them in olive oil. I removed them from the pan and deglazed it with a cup of white wine. I added 3 chopped green onions and 5 cloves of crushed garlic. I then sauteed some fresh spinach and threw all of that (except the chicken) into the ricotta cheese. As for layering, I used the uncooked noodles and poured a cup of alfredo sauce in the bottom, then noodles, then ricotta/spinach mixture, then sliced chicken, then alfredo sauce, then italian cheese, then parm, repeat two times. This will not fit in a 9x13 dish. It is very rich and will feed a good sized family. Thank you for sharing this Sybil! I love it!
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