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Simmered Pasta with Kielbasa

This is an interesting pasta stew I came up with when all I had was tomatoes and kielbasa. It's very warm and satisfying!
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01 Dec 2014
Reviewed by: jennarose
I didn't have tomato sauce so I just used a little pasta sauce! and I had some leftover pasta in the fridge so I simmered the kielbasa and tomatoes and added the pasta at the end. Definitely a great idea to add the red pepper flakes! Yummy, quick, easy recipe!
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03 Mar 2014
Reviewed by: Rick Mead
I really liked this but it wasn't a knock your socks off dish. It is a solid Monday night dish. I'm a big fan of making a recipe as it is first and determining it's merits from that. This needs a little bit of help in spice arena. My next revolution will be to add some veggies like peppers maybe and some more seasonings to help along. So overall I'd say start at this point and add some things to kick it up a notch or three. Try it's good
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19 Oct 2012
Reviewed by: Diane King
Very easy and good. My son loves kielbasa so I gave this a try. He really liked it. I did cook the macaroni seperate. I thought it would be to bland with tomatoe sauce so I used marinara sauce instead. I did add some garlic powder also. Mixed the sauce and macaroni together.Let it simmer together then served. I know I will be making this again.
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19 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: BABSKITCHEN
Yummy! And so easy to make. I used no salt added diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. The recipe has plenty of salt from the kielbasa and Parmesan cheese. Be sure to cook the bow tie pasta ahead of time and then add to the recipe or it will soak up all the juice. I had to add just a little bit of water so it wasn't too dry. I also added a little dried basil. Next time, I think I will use no salt Italian herb diced tomatoes. Served with homemade rolls and a salad!
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01 Dec 2005
This surprised me. It was really good. It does need a little more seasoning but I like a lot of salt and garlic. It is a great way to use leftover holiday Kielbasa. It should definately be made with the bow tie pasta. I wouldn't change that.
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14 Jun 2005
Reviewed by: RIKKLEA
Very good! Added additional water, chicken bullion cube, green pepper and chushed red pepper to spice it up. Will make again. Thanks!
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13 Oct 2004
Reviewed by: Lovin' all my boys
My husband loved this recipe..I am making it for the second time now..the only thing i did different is to make the noodles seperate and then add the tastes terrific with buttered french bread..also the bow ties are a other noodle would make it as good
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26 Sep 2004
Reviewed by: FINCH
great idea and easy to prepare. I did add a few things like a bit of red wine (never hurts!) and some garlic feta cheese to the Ragu sauce. Nice and filling and should make wonderful left overs! Thanks!
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15 Apr 2004
Reviewed by: Laurie
Different, quick, inexpensive, filling. I liked it! I only used one can of diced tomatoes and a half a jar of Ragu. Like others I did have to add some water. I will be making this again.
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16 Nov 2003
Reviewed by: ANLAKE
Easy recipe to variate. Very tasty
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