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Low Fat Banana Bread

Banana bread is a family favourite everywhere bananas need to be used up, but this recipe has the advantage of being lower in fat than the norm.
Reviews (464)

14 Jul 2008
LARINA said:
Used different ingredients. I replaced the butter in this recipe with 2 tablespoons apple sauce and used egg whites instead of whole eggs. This made it virtually fat free. It still came out as moist and delicious as ever!!!
14 Jul 2008
Used different ingredients. I, too substituted apple sauce for the butter and used only egg whites, making this virtually fat-free. To battle my fiance's chocolate cravings, I added cocoa powder to half the batter and made a two-layer loaf. yum! Thanks for the healthy and versatile recipe!
16 Oct 2010
aniuszkina said:
Something else. I added some sliced bananas to the mixture and on the top of the bread. Delicious!! I occasionally add strawberries or berries to make a fruit cake
19 Feb 2010
Reviewed by: ResortJunkies
Have made this twice - just like the cafe variety - delicious, good consistency. Substituted 150gm caster sugar for 80gm caster sugar and 50gm dark brown sugar - also added vanilla.
14 Oct 2011
Reviewed by: porcelina77
This worked out awesomely. I added extra banana. It's even better after a day or two stored in the fridge and it goes all sticky like a sticky banana cake
01 Mar 2011
Reviewed by: rinabooboo
This was a great recipe! It was moist and delicious and very popular when I took it to work! I love a stronger banana flavour so I added and extra couple of bananas in there! Definitely highly recommended!
10 Nov 2009
Reviewed by: koshakee
This was so easy to make and I usually hate anything with banana in it but I loved this! My whole family loves it and it tastes amazing fresh out of the oven. I followed it exactly and it worked perfectly each time.
14 Jul 2008
Adria said:
Used different ingredients. I LOVED this recipe. I used half plain flour, half wholemeal flour, 1/2 brown and 1/2 caster sugar, used apple sauce instead of butter, added 1t of cinnamon, used milk instead of water, and added 50g chopped walnuts. It turned out SO moist and no different than full-fat banana bread.
25 Jan 2011
velcrow said:
Used different ingredients. I used 60g of original Nuttelex instead of butter. This is dairy free and has no cholesterol. It still tasted great. I also added a little more banana.
01 May 2010
Reviewed by: KateOrmerod
 great recipe. Works well in a muffin tin. Makes 12 only takes about 20 mins on 180.


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