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White Chocolate Raisin Biscuits

This recipe makes wonderful raisin biscuits flavoured with a bit of orange, then half-dipped in white chocolate. Great with the kids!
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17 Dec 2007
Reviewed by: Misty D Heyden
This is a Sunmaid Raisins recipe. I've been making it for years. I have found that adding 1/4c flour helps keep them from spreading out and getting too thin.
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13 Dec 2011
Reviewed by: jackiew
I've made these for years, and yes, it is a Sun-Maid Raisin recipe that I pulled from an ad many years ago. I add a lot of orange zest! I also use a double boiler to melt the white chocolate after having inconsistent and often heart-breaking and frustrating results with melting the white chocolate in the microwave oven. With the double boiler, I can stir and monitor it more, and I leave the water simmering when I take the top pot off and dip the cookies. Then if the chocolate gets too stiff, I just put it back on the boiling water for a few seconds and stir. Be careful not to get ANY water or moisture in the chocolate!! It will SEIZE UP and be totally unusable. (Ask me how I know...)
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14 Oct 2000
Reviewed by: PHRAWZTY
I actually opted not to use the white chocolate on this one, and just went with the cookie on it's own. It turned out wonderfully, and was very easy to do!
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24 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: Elbie
The cookies themselves were great. I only dipped half of them in whire chocolate and the dipped ones were not as good. The white chocolate completley masks and hides the taste of the cookies. IOf you make these i suggest skipping the white chocolate!!
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19 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: danube66
Good recipe. I added a teaspoon of orange extract, and it still didn't taste too orange-y. Also, i added a bag of dark choc chips instead of dipping the cookies in white chocolate.
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26 Nov 2008
Reviewed by: TifB
I have used this recipe for a few years now and I love it. I substitute dried cranberries for the raisins and mix in white chocolate chips rather than dipping them. It saves on work and I can use far less chocolate chips as well.
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03 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: erinelz
These were great! For some reason I had an extremely difficult time melting the white chocolate to a good texture, but so it goes... they still tasted great. I substituted with half wheat flour, and used canola oil in place of the shortening. I also added a considerable amount of cinnamon and nutmeg -- added great flavor!
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22 May 2016
Reviewed by: LeahR
These are good. I like the subtle orange flavor. I added a 1/4 cup of flour, as another reviewer suggested and made the cookies into round balls with wet hands. They turn out nice and round and soft in the middle. I didn't dip in chocholate, but next time I may drizzle them.
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06 Jun 2006
this taste great..even without the white dip! They do spread out quite a bit when do space them as stated..and make sure you put them in the center rack..because they thin out the bottom can cook to quickly..if they are not on the center rack. Great cookies!
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10 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: doestreich
Delicious--like an orange dreamsicle. These are in my permanent recipe box. I forgot to soak the raisins overnight, so I only soaked them for a couple hours and it turned out fine. I used organic oranges for the zest, less chemicals in their skin.
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