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Almond Stick Biscuits

These easy biscuits are a Finnish tradition. They are formed into sticks and rolled in sugar and almonds before being baked. You'll love them!
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26 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: redsonja
These cookies were a hit at our Christmas festivities. I found the double dipping did not work very well; I had a bit of trounble getting the nuts to stick. Next time I am going to follow some of the suggestions from other reviewers. I made some into sticks and some into rounds; either way they turned out. I will definitely make these again.
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28 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: KRISSYTINA
A lot of work but worth it! I used non-hydrogenated palm shortening instead of butter to make the cookies dairy-free and they came out tasting great. I didn't have almonds so I used walnuts, pecans and macadamia nuts instead (individually) and my favorite was the macadamia nuts. YUM! Thank you!
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16 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: Karrie
These were delicious-a little bit of work, but soooooooo worth it! Followed the recipe exactly and they came out fabulously! I wasn't sure when they were done as they are really light in color and don't brown but I trusted the recipe and 10 minutes was perfect in our oven.
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13 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: KPBOOGA
The taste of these cookies were the greatest!! My favorite cookie!! Couple complaints were that they were very messy to make, they didn't look anything like the picture and they stuck to the pan, so next time I make these I will grease the pan. Also like the other comments I had to ground the almonds more then I expected to have them stick, ground them more like a fine powder. Other then that they tasted great and I will try rolling them in red sugar crystals or green as suggested.
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10 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: Beecharmer
5 stars for the versitility of this recipe. I love these, they are very biscotti like so I added couple of pinches of anise seeds (great flavor combo). To make these even easier, I kept the dough just a little on the moist side and did away with the egg wash on half the batch- I couldnt tell the difference. Lastly I also mixed colored sugar crystals with the almonds ground very fine and curved them in to C's- These were as beautifull as they were tasty. A perfect cookie to accomany your favorite cup of coffee.
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22 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: Karen B.
These cookies are pretty good. I cooked them for the amount of time stated but they didn't look done. I am uncertain if they are supposed to have a nice golden color so I took them out. Mine are also a bit fatter and shorter than those pictured here, though I made them the recommended size. Flavor wise they are a little bland but I like that they aren't sweet. These are a nice classic cookie that I will probably make again with slight revisions.
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11 May 2019
Reviewed by: Lois
I did not want to make it because it saids that 1 is 815+ calories!!! I know this has to be a mistake but not sure. So I can not even make it if that is the case. And only 6 pieces?!?!
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20 Sep 2017
Reviewed by: Klusiaczek
Delicious, but extremely messy and the egg-almond layer dispersed all over the tin during baking process. Just last a few ones which weren't covered with egg stayed in "the above photo-shape".
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29 Mar 2017
Reviewed by: Karen Eastman
These cookies are delicious, but the egg dipping was definitely a mess. When I make them again (and I will) I'll put the cookies in a colander as suggested by Cassdra, and pour the egg over. I don't think I let them drain off enough egg and I had crispy edges melting together when they came out of the oven. I started making logs and ended up just rolling into about a 1 1/2 inch circumference and cutting 1/2 inch pieces to bake in cookie shape. I just sprinkle nuts on top after the egg and sugar dips. They tasted amazing!!!!
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28 Oct 2015
Reviewed by: littlebaker101
When I made these for the first time, they were a hit and the flavor was all there! When I made them for the second time, the dough was a little dry. Still, everyone loved them! They were totally worth the hard work!
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