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Quick and Easy Tofu Stir Fry

Here's a very inexpensive and easy stir fry, perfect for a quick dinner. You can of course spice up the recipe to your own taste.
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19 Jan 2005
Reviewed by: SNUGLBUGLS
wow, this was really good! i used chicken flavored ramen, and added splashes of sesame oil and and some red pepper flakes to spice it up a bit. i also froze the tofu, which i always do when i buy tofu, then defrosted it the night before in the fridge, as another reviewer suggested. i think it gives it a "meatier" texture. also, be sure to drain the tofu REALLY well, or it won't brown up quite as nicely. what i do is just squeeze out all the water by hand, after slicing it into strips. just wash your hands, grap a strip, and qive it a quick squeeze over the sink! it makes a world of difference rather than just squashing it between paper towels. will definitely experiment with other ramen flavors, other veggies, and other spices. thanks for the easy and versatile recipe!!!!
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18 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: MrsWifey/Mommy
This was VERY good for a fast supper. My pantry was bare, I didn't have any frozen stir-fry veggies but I had carrots, celery, mushrooms and onions. It turned out VERY tasty & my whole family of six, plus a baby, polished off an 8 serving meal. I baked my tofu in soy, garlic, ginger and a bit of honey, instead of frying it because I needed to fry up some ground chicken @ the same time (I only had one box of tofu!). I never had tofu taste great! Frying it would have gotten the same results. Satifying and FAST!
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07 May 2008
Reviewed by: Erica
This was very quick and easy to make, and was delicious too! I did just a couple things differently that I thought I would share. First, don't drain the noodles. I think that would make them too dry. Once the noodles are getting soft and breaking apart, remove them from the heat, give them a stir, and cover. The steam should finish cooking them. The noodles should soak up the little bit of excess water while you finish cooking your tofu and veggies. In addition to the seasoning, I also added a little ground ginger and some basil. I will definitely make this one again!
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19 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: feminiSh
This came out so yummy! I used packaged fried tofu instead because it has a nicer consistency. I also cooked it in sesame oil with about 2 cloves of chopped garlic. I then added chopped mushrooms, carrots, bok choy and a 1/4 cup of water to steam the bok choy. I used two ramen packages but only one spice packet because of the high sodium factor, but I did add a splash of low-sodium soy sauce. When it was almost finished I threw in some green onions. SO good!
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22 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: ABBAJEN
This is a good recipe base. I've made many changes to it after trying it as written - I use fresh vegetables and boil them with the ramen. I don't use the seasoning packet - I use minced garlic, minced ginger, low sodium soy sauce and sriracha or pepper flakes. I also lightly coat the tofu (I use Japanese style firm tofu) in cornstarch and saute it in peanut oil and sesame oil until lightly crisp and golden. Then, I baste it with the soy sauce and spices mixture and cook briefly, flipping the tofu twice while basting.
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19 Mar 2008
Reviewed by: martulka
I used spiced organic tofu with regular spagetti, because I did not have ramen noodles. I had to do couple of adjustment, but it was good and even my 4 year old liked it except of veggies Will probably make it again.
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15 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: lstevenson
This was great! I had dinner cooked and on the table in 20 minutes. My two youngsters cleared their plates, too. I bought pre-diced firm tofu and added some sesame oil at the end. Fabulous!
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07 Jan 2006
Reviewed by: Tania Ghee
The things I liked most about this recipe was the convenience. I fixed it for my family after a long day at work and it only took 17 minutes. It was very good, and like other reviewers said, it tasted even better the next day. The ingredients was easily substitutable. Instead of tofu, I used 1 pound of shrimp and instead of oriental flavored noodles, I used shrimp flavor.
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16 Aug 2005
Reviewed by: Dersey73
This is so good. I make it a lot. I sometime use sesame oil in place of the olive oil. Just as good warmed up the next day for lunch.
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08 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: Elisheva
I had some tofu in the fridge and didn't really know what to do with it. I found this recipe and it was an instant hit with my husband and myself. That was over two years ago and I continue to make this recipe. The only thing that I do differently is that I marinate the tofu before I cook it up. I use minced garlic and either teriyaki or soy sauce to give it some added flavor. Thank you for posting this recipe!
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