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Vol-au-Vents with Escargot

Here's an extremely fancy party nibble made with escargot (snails) and pre-made vol-au-vent shells. If you've never tried snails, try this!
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02 Jan 2002
Reviewed by: SAMDANCE88
Delicious...if you aren't partial to escargot, I would recommend replacing with either clams or oysters, shrimp, or a matter of fact, if you aren't partial to any one of the ingredients, this is the kind of dish that you can alter to fit your fancy!
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08 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Arlene Murphy
I have always made the escargot with the shells and garlic butter. I tried this one for a change, but do prefer my original. I found that I wanted the garlic butter for dipping and the puff pastry absorbed all of the butter. I did like the crispness of the pastry, but prefer the "old way". Just a matter of taste.
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11 Sep 2003
Reviewed by: Denise D
I personally do not like escargot, but my hubby and some of his friends do. So, I made this for a dinner party. They said that this is the best escargot that they have ever had.
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24 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: Victoria68
I grew up eating these, they're popular in England. I use the Pillsbury shells that come 6 to a pack then I just make a basic white sauce adding whatever sounds good...ham and swiss is good or instead of ham you can put crab, chicken...pretty much anything you want! I also make them with a mushroom sauce just using a basic white sauce recipe also. Thank you for posting this, I didn't know anyone in America had heard of these!
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14 Feb 2007
Reviewed by: Chris
I made this for Valentines day dinner and it was fantastic. I didn't have the puff pastry shells so I rolled out regular puff pastry then wrapped it around the escargots and mushroom etc. I had to cook it a little longer than stated. closer to 15-17 mins and still the dough inside wasn't cooked as well as I had liked......
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01 Jan 2018
Reviewed by: Gail
The only thing I changed was to use a shallot instead of a green onion because I didn't have any. I found that with the shallot there was too much onion, but that's on me. Next time, I'll follow the recipe exactly, but with more butter. It was really good!
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14 Feb 2014
Reviewed by: Fran
What I was looking for - I used shallots rather than green onions and brandy rather than white wine also added a pinch of allspice. We both enjoy escargot and this was the perfect starter for a Valentine dinner. Thank You Sally
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