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Cherry Pecan Cake

This is a delicious moist cake to have with coffee. The secret is to soak the dried cherries with almond essence before making the batter.
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14 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: naples34102
What a pretty, delicate, almost dainty coffee cake. I made a point to buy the vanilla yogurt because I believed it would make a difference in terms of taste and texture than sour cream, even though they are basically interchangeable. I knew when I opened that yogurt and smelled that delicious vanilla fragrance I had made the right decision. I used pure olive oil (NOT extra virgin, which would be much too strong!) for the vegetable oil which lent itself well to the cherry and vanilla flavors. I also used sliced almonds rather than pecans, knowing the flavor combination of cherries and almonds as classic, and because I thought it would look prettier too. It turned out beautifully and was just perfect for a morning or afternoon cup of coffee, a refreshing change from heavier, sweeter desserts. The cherries, which I just halved, were evenly distributed throughout rather than sinking to the bottom of the cake as some have experienced. I don't know if it would make a difference or not, but I just gently blended all the ingredients together with a wooden spoon. This cake looks like a lot of effort went into it when really it mixed up in just a couple of minutes. This is just a great coffeecake recipe, which, except for minor adjustments for presentation or taste preferences, is just perfect as written.
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14 Jan 2002
Reviewed by: KAOLIVER
I thought this recipe was great! I didn't have vanilla yogurt or pecans on hand so I tried it with black cherry yogurt and almonds instead and thought the flavor was very nice. Best of all it was QUICK! Throw it in the oven just as you are sitting down to dinner and it is piping hot and ready just in time for after dinner coffee!
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19 Aug 2001
Reviewed by: Mr. Marco Salmon
This is a delicious, moist cake. Very easy and quick to prepare. I baked it in a square pan and it came out perfectly. I would like to try substituting almonds for the pecans next time. Also, the addition of yogurt in this recipe makes a very light cake, not dense as some cakes can be. I might try another flavor of yogurt such as cherry or lemon just for fun.
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12 Jul 2006
Reviewed by: MrsBrenda
Very good flavor. Not too strong almond flavor, just right for my taste buds. I doubled the recipe for a 9 x 13 pan, used the vanilla yogurt, and on top I used slivered almonds. Yummy....everyone liked it. Lasts several days-stayed moist,(we took it camping over the 4th of July). Will make again.
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20 Mar 2008
Reviewed by: Valerie Brunmeier
What a wonderful cake! Since my son snitched the vanilla yogurt that I had bought for this recipe I had to sub lowfat sour cream and 1 tsp vanilla. It worked perfectly. I also chose to just throw in both eggs instead of wasting an egg yolk. This is a very luscious, wonderful coffee cake. You could sub other dried fruits and I think it would be very good with slivered almonds. Lots of possiblities but perfect as is. Thanks!
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08 Sep 2007
What a perfect little cake! It is SO good--tender, light, just sweet enough, and nicely enhanced with just a hint of almond--maybe the best coffeecake I've ever made. I used Stoneridge Orchards Berrymix of dried cranberries, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, & raspberries, and I left them whole. Soaking them in the hot almond-flavored water is a great idea! Super recipe, and one I will treasure--thanks, Melanie!
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05 Sep 2006
Reviewed by: BELMONT1
Delicious. Used sour cream in place of the vanilla yogurt! Very moist and flavorful! Used a 13X9 pan too.
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24 Dec 2004
Reviewed by: BAZAARBAKER
Fantastic!!! A friend gave me 3 bags of dried cherries so I turned to to fine a recipe in which to use them. This is a delicious, moist cake that is very easy to make. I drizzle a little powdered sugar glaze over it.
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11 Jun 2007
Reviewed by: JessicaAnne
This cake was dense, moist, and flavourful. I made with plain fat free yogurt that I had on hand and added a teaspoon of vanilla. After draining the cherries, I patted them dry between two paper towels before adding to the batter, and this seemed to help the cherries from sinking to the bottom. I made this in an 8x8 pan. I've also tried this recipe with blueberries, topped with a cream cheese icing. As others have said, this is a great recipe for adapting and I'm looking forward to trying with other dried fruits and flavoured yogurts.
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14 Feb 2011
Reviewed by: ehlana88
Ok so I was a little skeptical but i had a huge container of cherry fat free yogurt left and it was getting ready to go bad. I did not have any dried fruit so I skipped that part. I added 1/4 tsp of almond extract and 1/4 tsp of vanilla to the batter. Used apple sauce instead of oil, added both eggs, and used chopped almonds instead of pecans. Also used brown sugar instead of white sugar with the almonds. It came out delicious. Incredibly moist. Next time going to make a yogurt pudding to go with it. But it is delicious by itself. Serious five stars. Will make this again.
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