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Spicy Beer-Battered Fish

The combination of a beer batter with a spicy dry coating results in a delicious and crispy dish. You can use this batter with prawns as well.
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27 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: Wilemon
For those that had a problem with the batter falling off be sure to pat the fish dry with paper towel first and your oil is hot enough. If you are using a basket with your fryer do not place fish in the bottom of the basket, leave the basket on the bottom and just drop the fish into the hot oil. Doing this will keep the batter from coming off.
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16 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: Rae
Great tasting recipe. After reading other reviews about the batter/crumbs not sticking, I decided to leave the mixture on the fish for 1/2 an hour before frying. It's a trick I use for frying chicken. It worked great for the fish too. I also added more salt to the batter.
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27 Mar 2004
Reviewed by: RUSSIANBLUE
Very good recipe, and very easy. The batter - fish - corn crumbs proportion should be changed, though. I used the same amount of batter for 2 lbs of fish, and still have some left (had to throw away). Next time I'll plan to cook at least 3 lbs of fish with this batter. The corn crumbs have to be used not all at once, but in small portions: take as many pieces of fish as you can cook at once in a deep-frier/skillet, dip in batter and then portion of corn crumbs, and cook; throw away the crumbs as they will be soggy and will no longer stick; replace with another portion of crumbs for the next fish portion, and so on. You will probably need more corn flakes then in the original recipe, but the crumbs guarantee to stick. Also don't be shy to increase seasoning to taste - for example, more pepper, more garlic and perhaps some cayenne pepper.
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13 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: jensenly
This was terrific! I was desperately looking for a batter to deep fry shrimp and used this one. After pulling the shrimp from my Deep Fryer and letting them cool for about 10 minutes - absolutely fantasic! Thanks Eldon! I am going to post this to the shrimp category and give you credit!
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01 Jul 2007
Reviewed by: sarahbrown
super fast and tasty! i substituted bread crumbs for the cornflakes and it still tasted excellent!
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06 Jun 2002
Reviewed by: AUNTIEREE1
Our family has been trying to get away from fired and fatty foods, but this recipe sounded too good to pass up. Guess what? It was mahhhhh-velous! I enjoy a good beer batter on almost anything, but the addition of cajun spices here made for a little "kick" that was delish!
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08 Sep 2007
Reviewed by: DannyBoy
Fantastic fried fish! The best better I've made. In a hugely surprising turn of events, this recipes works with haddock. I would have given it six stars, but the recipe doesn't come with tartar sauce. Imagine my dismay when I went to make some, and discovered that I had no sweet relish.
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30 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: DREGINEK
After a day of fishing, we decided to use this recipe to cook up our new filets. VERY GOOD RECIPE! I did half the batch using the cornflakes and half the batch using instant potato flakes. The family was tied between which batch was better; cornflakes or potato flakes but the consensus agrees that this recipe is one to make again! Thanks Eldon!
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01 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: april
This was okay. I didn't have cod so I used basa. I thought it was a little bland. I didn't have any problems with the cornflakes staying on fish. If I make this again I will make a thicker batter and and more cajun seasoning. Also there is enough batter to make more fish.
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21 Jun 2010
Reviewed by: Tammy
This was absolutely amazing!! We have been looking for a good recipe for frying fresh walleye and this is it! The first time we made this we did have some problems with the cornflakes sticking but the second time making it, I crushed the cornflakes more finely by putting about 4 C. Cornflakes into a gallon size baggie and going over it with a rolling pin. We had no problems with the crumbs sticking. The first time making this we used a light beer and the 2nd time we used a higher quality beer and it did make a difference. The batter was thicker which helped the Cornflake crumbs stick better. Also, make sure the fish is patted dry before dipping it in the batter. This was by far the best fried fish we have ever had!! Thanks Eldon!
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