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Almond Butter Ring Cake

This is a very easy recipe but it makes a pound cake with a delicious velvety texture. You can try lemon essence in it as well.
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19 Oct 2004
Reviewed by: Butterfly Flutterby
Awesome! Don't have cake flour on hand? No problem; for every cup of cake flour use 1 cup of all purpose flour minus 2 TBS. This turned out with a consistency like velvet. I used lemon extract instead of almond. I used my KitchenAid to beat very well and add air. Used a bundt pan for 1 hour 10 minutes. This only fell very slightly as I made sure not to open oven during baking. Absolutely delicious and worthy to serve to the most discriminating dessert fanatic. This is my new favorite pound cake recipe.
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19 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: GITGA
My family and I just love this pound cake. However I have never made it with the almond extract, since I do not care for that particular flavor. As for those who who gave this recipe less than great reviews...I wonder if they ever have had a REAL homemade pound cake? This recipe has the texture, density and crumb that a"pound cake" should have. For those having problems...check your oven accuracy and mixing methods. Remember there are none of the usual leavenings added. This cake depends on air beat into the fats and eggs in order to rise properly. For those who did not have cake flour...take 2 tablespoons of flour from each cup of all purpose flour to substitute for cake flour. I rate this pound cake as the epitome of all pound cakes. Just a review from a professional baker :-)
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08 Apr 2008
Reviewed by: Hotstuff
This recipe makes a beautiful pound cake! I read all of the reviews/suggestions at least twice and incorporated many of them into my attempt and I am very happy with the results. It's lovely and everyone loves it! I used 2.5 cups of sugar as many people recommended. My husband said the sweetness and moisture level was exactly right. I used all-purpose flour instead of cake flour and subtracted a total of 6TB from the 3 cups, as per the conversion others gave (thank you!). I decreased the almond extract to 1/2 tsp and added an extra 1/2 tsp of vanilla (total of 1-1/2 tsp). I creamed the butter, cream cheese, sugar for five minutes on medium/medium high on the Kitchen Aid stand mixer and it ended up a soft off-white color (like the color of Bisquick). The batter was beautiful indeed, as someone else mentioned. I divided and baked in two 9x5 loaf pans for one hour and 10 minutes at 325 and my cakes were perfectly done. The cakes did not actually "fall", but the delicious crusty top that had arched up during baking caved back down after removing from the oven to a flat level - so the side profile of the cake was rectangular, not arched on top. No harm at all. This recipe is a winner. I can't wait to try lemon extract and various flavored icings! Thank you!
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04 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: MommyFromSeattle
Good recipe but way too sweet. Made it to a T the first time and it was tooth-achingly sweet. Have tried 2.5 cups and 2 cups and find 2.5 cups sugar works best. Baked in a bundt pan, but the cake fell too much after cooling. I find baking in 2 large loaf pans is best. Definitely overmixing is a must for this recipe. Since this has no leavening agents, you must beat air into the butter and cream cheese until is very pale and fluffy - about 5-7 min. As well as mix well after each egg is added. Don't peak during baking or the cake will fall. One thing I don't like about this recipe is th appearance on the inside. The uneven discoloration as you see in the picture that's posted. It looks like it's uncooked even though it is. I like a more uniform look. But this is very moist, just cut back the sugar.
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02 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: naples34102
I have made this countless times for good reason. It is a moist cake, with a delicate cream cheese flavor and a pebbly, cookie-like top. If that's not convincing enough, I recently offered this recipe to a friend of mine who was looking for a cake to use to top with fresh berries for her dinner party. She used it, she loved it, and her 10 guests loved it too. She is a professional pastry chef...
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20 Aug 2003
Reviewed by: C. Montemayor
Yummy yummy!! I have made this twice already. The first time just as the recipe reads. The second substituting more vanilla for the almond extract. I think both are great, but the almond does add that extra "mmmmm" factor. I made it both times in 2 loaf pans but made the mistake the first time of taking them out to check on them after only 1 hour. Both cakes sunk in the middle. Still tasty but not pretty. The second time, I left them in or the full 1 hour 15 minutes without disturbing them and had only a slight amount of sinking after they were out. All in all, this is a fabulous cake. This is what pound cake should taste like!
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21 May 2006
Reviewed by: ENHICKS
This is an excellent cake. I add approx 4 ounces of sourcream to it because I like my pound cakes moist and it makes a great cake even better
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29 Jun 2003
Excellent cake. I mixed mine differently. I creamed butter & sourcream well. I added one egg at a time and mixed well after each egg. Then I added my flour, one cup at a time. It is such an easy and tasty cake. I taught my 10-year-old daughter how to make it.
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25 May 2003
Reviewed by: ANNIESMYTH
EXCELLENT!!! I have made A LOT of pound cakes in my time as I was once a semi-professional baker. This recipe is great! I used all vanilla extract as I don't like almond in my pound cakes. Also--make sure you blend this batter long enough as there are no rising agents. I used two loaf pans as tube pans don't always yield the best results with a heavy cake (I made this for the first time on Mother's Day and I didn't want any mishaps). I filled it with fresh whipped cream and sugared strawberries for an awesome strawberry shortcake.
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13 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: ANJACKSON
OMG...this was insanely delicious!!! I made this for a birthday dinner party and topped with Chocolate Ganache from this site - INCREDIBLE (everyone loved it and hubby wants me to make it often)!!! Loved the delicate almond flavour. Opted to reduce the sugar to 2 1/2 cups per some other reviewers and also usesd 4 eggs and 2 egg whites, turned out perfectly. I had to cook mine for about 1 hr and 25 mins and used an angel food cake pan instead of bundt as noted by a few and had no issues with spill over. Plenty of room in there! Incredible pound cake, can't go wrong with this one!
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