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Jam Filled Pastry Biscuits

These biscuits, called Kolacke in Czech, are perfect for the holiday season. Try any flavour of jam - peach, apricot and raspberry are most popular.
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12 Dec 2013
Reviewed by: NancyH
A super simple, tried and true, crowd-pleasing recipe! This is my go-to, and I've got it down to a science: Make your life simple, like I have... Make the dough ahead of when you wish to bake. I mix up 8x the recipe at one sitting. Cut the butter and cream cheese together with the flour, then mix as little as possible with your hands; due to arthritis, I usually end up just 'knuckling' the dough in the bowl, to bring it all together. Next, form dough into fist-sized rough balls and roll each one between two sheets of wax-paper. Needless to say, Don't chill first! Roll them to the thickness you wish your cookies to be, so you don't have to roll later. Stack the rolled-out balls together on a pan (I use a pizza pan), wrap in plastic wrap and stash in fridge. When ready to make into cookies, remove dough from fridge one 'disk' at a time as you use them. Peel wax paper off one side to loosen, then replace, flip and peel off the other side. I use a pizza-slicer to cut the dough into squares and save the weird end pieces to re-roll when all 'disks' are used up. Put filling into plastic baggie and clip one corner off. Pipe filling in a diagonal onto dough squares, bring up opposite ends and pinch. Transfer to baking sheet and bake as directed. By piping the filling, my fingers stay clean and I am able to control how much filling I wish to use. It's not unusual for me to do a 'line' of cream-cheese filling alongside a fruit filling on the same cookie! Hubby love it and so do I.
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30 Nov 2011
Reviewed by: Sarika
If you have problem with the jam or preserves running out during baking here's a tip. Place the amount required in a microwave on high allow to "bubble" about 30 seconds or even 60 seconds depending on your microwave. Careful when removing. Allow to cool. This will thicken the jam and helps to prevent leaking.
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16 Dec 2003
Reviewed by: DaniKat
Thank you for posting this recipe! I had one that I used for years, and now cannot find. The dough IS what makes these cookies~it's exceptionally light and melts in your mouth. The only alteration I made to the recipe (as my original recipe called for) was to roll out the dough in powdered sugar instead of flour, and not dust them after they've cooled. This just gives the dough a touch of sweetness, but you do need to use the sugar liberally to keep the dough from sticking. I bake the cookies on a baking stone. If you do this and don't have a second stone to alternate batches, you'll need to let the stone cool down, otherwise the dough will start to melt as you're placing them onto the stone due to it's high fat content. Using a cool or cold stone, I bake them for 18 minutes. Everyone always raves about these cookies!
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22 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: Angela
This recipe seems like its missing something. No offense at all to anyone who posted it. I just found it extremely weird recipe. First of all, the dough has to thaw completely from the refrigerator over night. The "dough" is like a complete butter batter. Its like playing in grease. There is no way to shape them like on the photo. SO I made balls and put jam in them. Also, once they cool, they totally fall apart in your hand becuase its so delicate and the jam is to heavy for it. Most likely WON'T try this recipe again.....sorry....
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20 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: Emily G
These are AWESOME. Love this recipe. I doubled it and would recommend that everyone else do the same, at least. Double batch made almost 4 dozen. Not much. I have never made cookies like this before and they turned out awesome. Make sure to roll the dough thin enough or they will be too puffy. And pinch them together really well. Highly recommend the Solo pastry filling, it is delicious and did not run at all. I had no problems with the filling spilling out.
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10 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: Maggie
This is the same great cookie my mom made ...well I'm 72 so....many years ago...I have seen another way just recently to make them. Cut in circles, put filling in the center and pinch up 3 corners to make a hat shape make sides on them..or sort of like a triangle with sides. This seems a good way to solve the the problem of the filling coming out the ends. Make them small though. I'm going to try them this time as"hats" . Great recipe!
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24 Jan 2010
Reviewed by: LatinaCook
I leave the butter and cream cheese out on my counter until they reach room temperature and then mix them up in a bowl with my hands (clean, of course), I then add the flour and also use my hands to blend it in. Instead of flouring my work surface, I use confectoner's sugar. I also add it to the dough if it is too sticky. Instead of cutting squares or rectangles, I use a round cookie cutter (an upside down cup or glass works well too) and spread the filling along the middle (the invisible diameter line) then bring both sides to the center to meet. It is not quite the tradional shape but it is very similar and easier to me than trying to cut squares that are all the same size. My favorite filling to use is the Solo brand apricot cake and pastry filling. They have a variety of flavors like strawberry, poppyseed, raspberry, blueberry, and nut fillings. Solo has the perfect consistency for kolacky fillings. After the kolachys cool down I sift confectioner's sugar on top.
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17 Mar 2010
Reviewed by: Loren
I made this recipe and, following an idea I read in the reviews, made a long roll in plastic wrap, put it in the fridge overnight and then sliced it thin (1/8")with a sharp knife. I tried to shape the roll with squared sides rather than a round roll. That way it sliced into squares (not perfect, but usable and quick) and I could place the filling diagonally and bring the opposite corners up and pinch together. Not handling the dough much made it easy to fill and shape for baking. Tried mincemeat mixed with chopped walnuts as one of the fillings, which turned out to be the most popular.
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17 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: mezzamom
These are truly delicious. The dough took time to work with, but it was worth it. I used apricot and raspberry Solo fillings. The raspberry ones were better. I used confectioner's sugar to roll them in instead of flour. I rolled them into balls and put them in mini muffin tins, then used a slender rolling pin to push them down and make the wells. Very pretty looking and very tasty!! I'm glad I listened to the tips from previous raters ! 10 minutes exactly was the perfect cooking time for me.
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19 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: TaraAnne
These really were awesome. I tried different approaches ... I rolled them out really thin, and they were too flaky...when I rolled them thicker they tasted better. Then with just the last two I made thumprint cookes and that was the best of them all ... I'm sorry I didn't try that at first! The dough in this recipe is yummy ... very plain but thats because you're supposed to use powdered sugar. I could see making these using different cut outs and frosting them, too. A really good base for a lot of ideas...
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