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Cranberry Chocolate Biscuit Mix

This is a great holiday gift idea. Present your friends with everything they need to make these biscuits, layered in a decorated jar.
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05 Dec 2002
I made twenty of these for gifts - and they look so nice, I'm not sure if I'm going to actually hand them out! For the cooking novice, note that 5/8 Cup = 1/2 Cup plus 2 T.
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14 Nov 2002
Reviewed by: DEBMILLIKAN
The taste of this cookie is outstanding, but I only gave 4 stars because of the prep. You really can't mix butter with egg, it curdles. That's just not how cookies are made. I ruined a whole batch the first time. Next time, I layered all the ingredients as stated, except the sugars. I put them in a small zip bag and put them on top of everything. I changed the recipe card so that you cream the butter with the sugar package, then add the egg. Turned out like a normal cookie dough that way. Thanks for the recipe!!
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16 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: BETH N
This was my first attempt at making a jar cookie. I just made 16 jars to give as gifts. I did try the recipe out first and it is good. It is a dry dough but bakes up soft. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead, I think they made them a bit salty, so I reduced the salt a bit. I wanted my jars to look fuller. So I layered the ingredients this way, bottom to top, brown sugar, white sugar, flour, nuts, chips, berries, oats, flour, soda, salt. Also just a note for anyone planning on making a bunch. 12 jars used: 5 lbs flour, 2 lbs oats, 1.5 pkg of brown sugar (32 oz) and 4 pkg chips (12 oz). I bought the nuts in bulk and bought way too may. Next time I think I will take my measuring cup to the store.
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03 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: Daniel den Hoed
This was a great gift to give and it tasted wonderful as well! To prevent the brown sugar from hardening I mixed the brown and white sugars together before adding them to the jar. They stayed soft over a week before they were made. Another reviewer stated that egg and butter couldn't be creamed so she put the sugar in a packet. Egg and butter CAN be creamed - it just won't look the same as when you cream butter and sugar. It will look how egg and butter look together. Follow the recipe's original directions and you should get a great cookie!
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22 Dec 2006
Reviewed by: Kate G.
Great recipe! I make them all the time. I just do two things differently when I make them as jar mixes: use Domino Brownulated Sugar to avoid having the sugar get hard in the jar, and stick a small crumbled-up piece of wax paper in the top to avoid having the ingredients move around (since the recipe doesn't completely fill the jar.) I cover the top with a small piece of patterned cloth and tie with a ribbon, and you can't see the wax paper.
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27 Oct 2005
Reviewed by: Tori
I love this recipe!!! Tastes great, awesome textures, and it looks SO pretty in the jar with the bright red cranberries! I printed out the baking directions on cardstock and tied it to the mason jar with rafia. Taking the advice of another reviewer, I changed the name to "Cranberries in the Snow"...sounds more appropriate for the holidays and actually resembles it's name! Two suggestions, DO NOT pack down the ingedients as some other recipes in a jar require. This recipe fits in the jar just as it's poured in. Also, using a wide-mouth jar and a cone made out of paper helps kids (and adults alike) get it all in without any mess. Oh, used 7 grain flakes 'cause that's what I had, and walnuts instead of pecans (cheaper) and it tasted great! Will make this to give as gifts every year!
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21 Dec 2001
Reviewed by: KIMMY P.
The kids loved making these and they were super easy for them to assemble. I switched the layers around so that the more colorful ingredients were at the bottom of the jar. The nuts, white choc chips and cranberries were at the bottom, then I packed the brown sugar and layered the remaining ingredients on top. The holiday fabric that I topped the jars with covered the flour mixture and all the "prettier" stuff was at the bottom and nothing seeped through the brown sugar.
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22 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: JRAHMAN
I have given cookies in a jar as Christmas gifts for 3 years now and have searched through dozens of recipes to find one better than the last. I have yet to find one better than this. I made 100 of them last year and people are STILL raving about them! They taste wonderful and look very festive in the jars.
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01 Dec 2002
Reviewed by: MRSJONES
Great cookie, my husband liked them bette when I rolled them into balls instead of dropping them by spoonfuls. Also, I found the mix did not fill a one liter jar, so I altered it to serve 24, fits perfectly.
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06 Mar 2002
Reviewed by: Lisa Scott Provost
I made these cookies based on all the great reviews, and I must agree!! They were very easy and fast to mix. As great as they were, I love really vibrant flavors, so I will probably take the time to find UNsweetened dried cranberries next time, and will probably add a lot more than the recipe calls for. I'm just waiting for an excuse to give this mix to someone in a jar, as intended!
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