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Fish Baked With Crab Crust

Crab mixed with bread crumbs makes an amazingly flavourful crust for baked fish. You may use any type of cheese you like in this recipe.
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25 Feb 2009
Reviewed by: naples34102
To date I have tried and reviewed hundreds of recipes on this site and without a doubt this recipe is one of the best, if not THE best. Also, I have had crab crusted grouper in restaurants all over the country, and I can't think of one as enjoyable as this. I made small changes, like substituting green pepper for the jalapeno, but ths recipe is absolutely perfect as it stands. For personal preference, however, I doubled the topping. I salted and peppered the filets before topping with the crab, then drizzled with a little melted butter before popping it into the oven. Finally, after baking I gave it a quick finish under the broiler just to brown and crisp the top. As for flavor, don't be fooled by the lack of seasoning in the recipe. It's clear the peppers, onions and Parmesan provide all the flavor you need. Hubby and I couldnt't have enjoyed it more. Simply beautiful and simply delicious.
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12 Feb 2006
Reviewed by: Gigi
Excellent grouper - my friends and family loved it. Added chopped garlic and shallot and an extra can of crab meat as well as an italian blend of grated cheeses. You will not be disappointed with this recipe. Served it with baked asparagus and an orange and scallion salad.
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16 Aug 2007
Reviewed by: ColleenK.
Oh my goodness, this was even more delicious than the few times I had grouper in the past at top-notch restaurants! The only changes that I made were the following: I used cheddar cheese instead of mozz, and I used Italian Seasonings breadcrumbs as opposed to the ones the recipe called for. For those of you who do not have Parmesan Breadcrumbs, just add 1 tsp. of Italian Seasoning and a tsp. of (grated) parmesan cheese, and it's the same difference. This recipe is spectacular!
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09 Oct 2007
Reviewed by: Caroline C
I accidentally made this with cod - didn't pay attention to the label when I took the fish out of the freezer - but it turned out fantastic. I added a lot more jalapeno to Husband's serving as he likes things spicy; otherwise I pretty much followed the recipe exactly. My only advice is to avoid chopping the veggies too small - I kept mine pretty large and chunky, and they were still a tad overcooked after 25 mins in the oven. Anyway, this was really outstanding. Thanks so much!
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26 Jan 2011
Reviewed by: ElizabethR
This was pretty good and went over well - I did spice up the extra (for the portabello - which was a great idea) with some red pepper flakes and minced garlic- the jalapeno seemed to get lost in the mix, and I thought it needed a bit extra in flavoring...I also used a mix of mozzarella and parmesan. Very good, I'll use this again!
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15 May 2007
Reviewed by: NoviceCook
This was so good. I used orange roughy since my local store didn't have grouper. Being from Louisiana, I automatically double all the ingredients and added some salt and pepper. Also, like another reviewer, I seasoned my fish with salt and pepper first. I only used freshly grated parmesan regganio and let me tell you, this was one of the best dishes I have ever made. It was restaurant quality. Thanks so much. I couldn't get enough of the leftovers. Second review: Since May of last year, I became sick so I had to do a little tweaking to get the recipe right for my diet. I used almond flour instead of bread crumbs. That's the only change I made and couldn't tell the difference. I am def sharing this recipe with other people on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD).
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20 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: LINDA MCLEAN
Couldn't find grouper, so I used Chilean sea bass instead. As always, I seasoned my fish before adding the topping. This tasted very close to what I had in a restaurant. Thank you Jessica!
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09 Mar 2008
Reviewed by: SANDY WITEK
I could not get this into my recipe box fast enough. Grouper is a delicious fish but this recipe really takes it over the top. I don't think I will eat Grouper any other way!
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14 May 2007
Reviewed by: AMDTHEQUEEN
Wonderful recipe and a great method to be used with other fish. Had leftover stuffing so am going to try stuffed mushrooms as well. Ours only took 7 minutes under the broiler, so beware that 10 minutes may severely overcook your wonderful creation. Thanks for the great recipe Jessica. Update: I put the stuffing mixture into large mushrooms yesterday and baked them with some Ricotta Salada on top -- another delicious dish!
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11 May 2007
Reviewed by: Michelle
This is OUTSTANDING!!! I didn't have grouper so I used mahi-mahi and it was incredible. I also roasted the peppers before adding to the topping, and used some chile peppers instead of jalapeno. Like other users, I did not have parmesan bread crumbs so I used fresh parmesan, and a colby-jack blend instead of the mozzarella. The nice thing about this recipe is that you can play with the ingredients a bit to suit your own tastes and really can't go wrong!! My husband raved about this for days. Beats anything I've ever had in a restaurant!! Kudos to you!!
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