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Easy Chocolate Chip and Oat Biscuits

Do not overbake these lovely chocolate chip biscuits and they will come out soft and they will come out soft and the slightest bit chewy.
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30 May 2002
Reviewed by: SVROSS
Okay, here's what I did to combat the "flat" problem: used 3/4Cup of both sugars instead of a full cup, used 1 egg plus one yolk, increased vanilla to 2 teaspoons (just cause I like them flavorful) increased temp to 375 for 8-9 mins. and wha lah! PERFECTION! DELICIOUS cookies will make again. Thanks for a great recipe!
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13 Jan 2008
Reviewed by: Donna
I have been making this cookie recipe for 35 years with the only difference being we use a whole bag 12oz. of semisweet chocolate chips. My mom made them for 20 years before me. They are the best chocolate chip cookies you will find. Why people change the recipe is beyond me! They are not even the same cookie if you change why? Anyway, they are delicious and I don't know one person who does not love them in all my years of baking them.
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08 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: WhirledPeas
Loved the cookies, and so did the rest of the family. Followed suggestions (sort by "most helpful") and baked at 375 F for 8-9 minutes, used 2 tsp. vanilla, decreased sugar to 3/4 c. EACH, used 1.5 sticks of Nucoa margarine (same thing as 3/4 c.) Shaped fairly large, oversized, round balls of dough, and used Ghiradelli and Tropical Souce brand chocolate chips. In place of the two eggs, I used a total of 1/4 c. water. (1 egg = 2 Tbs. water) If mixture is still a bit dry, add just enough water for it to come together. This way, even those with dairy/egg allergies can have some! Baked on parchment paper, and also added small dashes of ginger and cinnamon to half the batch. Have already made two batches since discovering them a month ago. My mum makes the exact same recipe--but with eggs, and people don't know the difference. :o)
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08 Mar 2003
Reviewed by: SLIM SNOW WHITE
Super Yummy! I made a few adjustments. I used 3/4c. each of the sugars, 2tsp. vanilla, added in 1c. of raisins, 1tsp. cinnamon, and 1/2c. chopped pecans. I baked them at 375 for 9 minutes on an air-bake cookie sheet. The cookies are soft and chewy not flat at all. I ended up with 4 dozen not 5 dozen. My two boys ages 2yrs. and 4yrs. love to help make and eat these cookies! I think I figured the WW points to be 3pts. per cookie. I'm definately keeping this recipe!!
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09 Jun 2003
Reviewed by: MISSYMOO12
Wonderful cookies. Best cookies I have ever made. They are so soft and chewy. I used 3/4c of both sugars and 3/4c butter, and since I am a chocolate addict, I used 2c of chocolate chips. I don't have a nice cookie sheet. I think it is older than me, and these treats turned out perfect. I used a little more dough than a teaspoon full and I baked them for 10 minutes. Thank you for this great recipe. I will for sure make this treat in the near future.
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27 Mar 2002
Reviewed by: Rebslo
Fantastic! I used only 1.5 sticks of butter and 3/4 c sugar and it worked out great! Chewy in the middle and crisp on the edges! Yummy!
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04 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: LPMUSTANG
this could be my favourite cookie recipe yet! where has it been all my life? reading about the flat issue, instead of making "ball" shapes, i made taller columns of dough and this worked perfectly. the key is in the baking time as well. wait till the edges go golden and although they might look undercooked in the middle, once they cool they arent. they are perfectly soft, chewy and deliciously amazing! I used 1 package milk chocolate chips and 1 package of butterscotch chips. next time i will try a chocolate/raisin combo -my favourite!
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28 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: ALIZAB
These cookies are very good but I did make a few changes to the basic recipe. I cut the sugars down to 3/4 cup of each (brown and white). I also added 1 more cup of chocolate chips to make a total of 2 cups. I needed to bake them for 12 minutes to get them golden brown. I always use a timer when baking cookies.
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11 Aug 2002
Reviewed by: WATPOLO555
These cookies were fabulous. I always have difficulty with flat cookies so I used 1 egg and 1 yolk. I also increased flour to 2 and a half cups and decreased the oats to 1 and a half cups. Before baking I refrigerated for an hour and they turned out just the right combination of soft and chewy. Wonderful!
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01 Nov 2006
Reviewed by: MOMMY 2 XO & XY
My husband loves these cookies. I made a few changes. I chop the oatmeal in the blender before mixing it in. My hubby likes a smooth cookie. Also , I don't add nuts. My daughter has an allergy. And finally , I freeze the dough before cooking. This makes the cookies ooey gooey in the middle and crisp on the outside.
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