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Choc Chip Cookies

This chocolate chip cookie recipe forgoes the usual chocolate chips for diced dark chocolate, allowing you to make the chocolate pieces as big or small as you like.
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28 Jun 2002
I am so disappointed. I was really looking forward to baking these cookies, but when I started preparing the dough I realized that I had just run out of flour while making my famous coconut-free coconut cake! So I salvaged the ingredients and made a batch of flourless Cow Pie cookies, the cowpie-free version, of course.(
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20 Mar 2003
Reviewed by: TINYCHEF
I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies for my 8 year old daughter's birthday party at school, and had all the ingredients... except the brown sugar!! It was too late to go to the store, the kids were already sleeping, so I came online hoping to get lucky... and boy did I!! I must admit.. they are not the best cookies... BUT... they were definitely good!! My daughter now has cookies to bring in to her friends tomorrow. THANK YOU!! :-)
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18 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: pati_blue
These cookies turned out WONDERFUL!! Honey is a nice touch. I've been looking for a great recipe for years making homemade cookies without chocolate chips, I would always have the problem with them poofing up too high and getting cakey. These turned out great. They settled about 1/4 inch thick and browned nicely around the edges. I only kept them in the oven for 6 1/2 mintues and let them finish baking on the sheet outside the over for 3 more minutes before I removed them to a cooling rack. The kids gobbled them all up immediately!
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20 Nov 2009
Reviewed by: Kristy Runyon
I wanted to make Chocolate Chip cookies for work and started with my butter and sugar only to realize I had no brown sugar so I came to the site to find a great recipe and I sure did. I used white chocolate chips instead because my boss is allergic to other chocolate. The guys at work dug right in. These turned out nice and moist. I didn't have a problem with them flattening out like a few others. I find if you mix cookies by hand, you don't overwork the dough and cause them to spread.
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22 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: SaraJane
I wouldn't say these are the best in a perfect world, but if you're living in an area where brown sugar and chocolate chips aren't readily available (or cost prohibitive) this recipe is great! It produces a soft, chocolate chunk cookie that totally fits the bill to ease the Toll House cravings!
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16 Jun 2006
Reviewed by: miss_linda
As a single mom on a budget, these cookies are great! My child and her friends really liked them.
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22 Feb 2003
Reviewed by: PIXELBOY411
Makes a nice cookie - Better chocolate sure makes a difference!
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26 Oct 2007
Reviewed by: amateur cooker
I thought this cookie tasted good. The texture was too cake like, almost like a muffin. I used this recipe because I had neither brown sugar nor chocolate chips. I took a bar of dark chocolate, and chopped it up. Considering the lack of ingredients I had, they were satisfying. I did not like the consistency of the batter, it wasn't solid enough and after I placed them in the oven they were very runny and thin. Next time, I would probably make sure I have the proper ingredients.
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13 Apr 2007
Reviewed by: rhenium3
OMG, this is such a hit! I am not in the states, so I cannot get chocolate chips. This recipe rocks! I am a bit lazy to chop up the chocolate, so I use the Czech equivalent of M & Ms and it turns out lovely (and colorful!) Highly recommended!
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30 Sep 2011
Reviewed by: Shasho
I live in Azerbaijan, where cooking chocolate or chocolate chips are really difficult to find and this was perfect recipe!!!! So delicious and easy to make. I made it for my kids but couldn't resist myself...
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