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Chicken, Celery and White Wine Bake

This is a cheap and easy dinner. I like to prepare it, put in the oven just before rush hour at the house then serve a great dinner looking calm and refreshed.
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08 Sep 2002
Reviewed by: YLA
I actually tried this in the crockpot today. I seasoned the breasts with the paprika, garlic powder and black pepper as called for in the recipe and then browned them in two tablespoons of butter. I placed the breasts in the crockpot, poured the soup mixture on top of them (I did not saute the mushrooms before mixing them with the soup) and cooked it on high for three hours. It turned out perfect. We served it over rice and the whole family really loved it (even my picky seven-year-old!)
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18 Aug 2005
Reviewed by: Kalnems
This was really good after I tweaked a few things. I cut out the mushrooms, and switched to light sour cream. I sauteed chopped celery, onion, green pepper and minced garlic before making the sauce. I also added all of the spices straight into the sauce rather than sprinkling on top of the chicken. I poured a bit of the sauce on to the bottom of the pan, put the chicken in, and then poured the rest over the top, and did not cover it. The sauce wasn't very watery that way, the chicken stayed moist, and it was pretty flavorful.
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06 Sep 2002
Reviewed by: Shelley W
This is wonderful, and with a little tweaking can be very healthy! I nixed the butter and sauteed the mushrooms with olive oil and onions. I used non-fat sour cream (can't tell the difference) and added some garlic (of course!). I agree that the sauce was a little runny, but it didn't bother me - it tasted just great over brown rice. A+
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24 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: TVOSE
Husband and daughter weren't crazy about it...kind of bland. Probably would have sprinkled dry onion soup across top as opposed to pinch of paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder.
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31 Aug 2004
Reviewed by: SarahFriedman
Sauteed the mushrooms, peppers and celery (and I added onion to the sautee) before adding to the soup mixture. Easy recipe, a really tender and flavorful dish! Thanks!
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19 Feb 2002
Reviewed by: DIZZYD1219
This is an excellent recipe. I served it with white rice and peas. It was a big hit!! It is certainly something I'll try when I have company over. Thanks!
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30 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: Karen Mary
Sauteed onions and celery in olive oil. After a few minutes, added mushrooms. Used red wine as no white open (thinking coq au vin). Tossed in a bag of frozen, grilled chicken strips and heated through. Finally added celery soup, sour cream, and some TJ's Everyday Seasoning. Served over rice. This was quick and satisfying. It would be a perfect meal to take to someone who hasn't been feeling well, to a family with small children, or to an elderly neighbor.
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24 Jun 2009
The flavor of this dish turned out to be quite nice, and it was a pleasant change from other recipes. I took the advice of other cooks and cooked it uncovered so that it wouldn't turn into a "soup." I'm very glad I did that. I also followed advice to brown the chicken first, then reduce the cooking time in the oven.
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17 Jan 2002
Reviewed by: KASANDRAY
This is one of the BEST meals that I have ever made. I marinated the chicken in white wine before completing the recipe for a little extra flavor. My husband and I LOVED it!!!
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05 Aug 2002
Reviewed by: LEE THRASH
Very easy, and yummy! I would add a splash more wine, or marinate the chicken ahead of time in wine, like another reviewer suggests. I might serve with pasta next time so I can enjoy more of the delicious sauce!
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