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Raisin Cherry Loaf

This is a lovely fruity bread that can be made in the bread machine. Lovely served warm with butter or cream.
Reviews (14)

23 Oct 2016
Reviewed by: lefty
I make this every Sunday for breakfast toast (pb&j) during the week. I soak a cup of raisins in water as I prepare everything. I use 1/4 cup of brown sugar and a little more than a tablespoon of cinnamon. because of the added dry ingredients I add a little more milk. when the bread machine beeps for add iingredients I take the dough out and hand knead the raisins and 1 cup of pecans. I then return the dough to the machine and begin salivating.
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24 Dec 2015
Reviewed by: Jessica Carrasco
Was very thick and did not even rise. Was a very heavy bread.
(Review from Allrecipes USA and Canada)
29 Oct 2013
Reviewed by: AmyA
I've made this recipe 4 times. Once I made it exactly as written, next time I added chocolate chips. It was good, but a bit heavy, and the fruit was mostly at the bottom. I've had this problem with other recipes in my machine. The third time I used the dough setting, punched it down and kneaded in the fruit by hand, let it rise and baked it for 30 min. at 350. It was light and fluffy and delicious. I did the same thing the next time, but added chocolate chips. This is now my favorite breakfast bread recipe.
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22 Jan 2012
Reviewed by: campbellonh
I gave this one a try today. Its very tasty and I love the texture. I never tried a fruit bread before. Next time I will mix the raisins and cherries into the dough myself outside of the machine. Very little of the fruit made it to the interior. They were mostly stuck on the outside and fell off when I took the bread out of the pan.
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