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Easy Hazelnut Biscotti

These are great biscotti that have a great crunch and are great dunked in coffee or hot chocolate. Experiment with other nuts if you don't have hazelnuts.
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23 Nov 2003
Reviewed by: YELLOWMNM81
wow!! this recipe made amazing biscotti!!! i had my doubts from when i slipped it into the oven until i took it out. i wasn't sure how to shape it very well and i thought that it was a little too moist and wet, especially for something that would soon turn crunchy. but...after the second baking, it was crunchy and delicious!!!! this is the second time i've made biscotti, and this recipe turned out MUCCCHHHH better than the first did. i also halved this recipe to just try it out first and used only 2 eggs, which turned out great. i've now made it twice, the first, a hazelnut version with frangelico and a second almond version with amaretto. both were very delicious!! i dipped these in melted chocolate.. delicious dipped in coffee... now i'm addicted! i'll be making them whenever we're running low so we always have them!
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22 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: VYRIAN
I have experimented with several biscotti recipies, but this one is my favorite. They are VERY hard and crunchy, perfect for dipping into a latte, and are essentially fat free. I typically half the recipe, but instead of using 3 eggs, I use 2 eggs because the dough would otherwise be too moist.
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09 Nov 2002
Reviewed by: LUVCOOKIN
This is an easy recipe and oh so delicious! You can also improvise. Omit nuts and add chocolate to half the dough. Roll out two separate rectangles of white and chocolate dough, place one on top of each other, roll jelly style, bake roll and slice.
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09 Dec 2009
Reviewed by: Angela Marlier
I have used this basic biscotti recipe for many years. Start with the first 4 ingredients, and let your imagination run wild......It will never fail you!!
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26 Dec 2010
Reviewed by: amalia1961
I really enjoyed these cookies because they're on the hard side and crunchy. I think what makes this authentic and traditional is that the recipe doesn't include butter or oil.
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26 May 2009
Reviewed by: ramsay
Don't follow the metric measures, they're totally wrong. Mine ended up too liquid to form a biscotti. The end result was a disaster.
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07 Jan 2003
Reviewed by: AMY S.
I LOVE this biscotti! Everyone who I've made it for goes ga-ga over it. Thank you for making me a hit at parties! Absolutely the best (and easiest) recipe I've found for biscotti.
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30 Jan 2007
Reviewed by: Gilda George
Great recipe!
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08 Sep 2000
This recipe is excellent! I've made it several times, substituting whole wheat flour for the white, and Amaretto and almonds for the Frangelica and hazelnuts. It's one of my new favorite recipes. Thanks to the owner!
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29 Mar 2009
Reviewed by: Lisa
I fixed this for an Italian themed dinner party. It turned out great. I must admit I did not have hazelnut liqueur so substituted Orange liqueur. We dipped them in Franseca 10 yr aged tawny port. Enjoyed by all.Will do again.
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