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Easy Cannoli

Using pre-made cannoli shells a ricotta cheese, chocolate chip, almond and amaretto liqueur is spooned or piped to create a great dessert.
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01 Jul 2006
Reviewed by: TJTENNESSEE
We LOVED this filling! I drained the ricotta for two days (got busy and left it draining in the fridge longer than planned), but it must have helped because it was not runny when mixed as some others stated. Left out the almonds, but I didn't miss them. Great recipe, just be sure to fully drain your ricotta so it's a thicker mixture to pipe into the shells.
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05 Oct 2002
Reviewed by: TCONNON
Excellent recipe - I have made this a few times and have now settled on smooth ricotta cheese and a touch more amaretto ;-)
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11 Oct 2004
Reviewed by: Caroline C
I SO regret making this recipe... It is just SOOOO good!!!! I used 3/4 pint of ricotta and 1/4 pint whipped cream stirred together. I also soaked the cherries in amaretto for a few hours prior to making. This is definitely a 'birthday-and-special-occasion' treat! Thanks, Janice!
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22 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: Brandon
Great recipe, excellent taste! I didn't have the runny issue that some of the others had when making....Mine came out perfect. Word of advice, which I forgot...Don't fill the shells with the cream until you are ready to serve. I tried to make these ahead of time, put the mixture in a ziploc bag, so I could cut the corner and pipe it in but it looked to good, so I filled the shells. Made the shells a bit moist. Oh, and one other thing....I had to improvise for the shells, my market didn't have even the frozen shells, so I used the Sugar cones for ice cream in place of the cannoli shells. I know the real italians out there would probably run me out of town, but I think I liked them better, It filled the whole shell and was such a subtle difference in taste. Great Recipe.
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19 Jan 2009
Reviewed by: Samantha~
I was a little dissapointed with the original recipe. As written, it's missing alot of essentials. For example, you MUST must must drain your ricotta. If you don't, after about 5 minutes it will be a soupy mess. Your ricotta may not look watery, but when it sits it melts. Also, I added orange zest to give it a bit more flavor. Don't go too crazy, just a bit (1/2 tsp) to kick it up. Another thing I did that was REALLY, REALLY helpful when I had that soupy mess was add heavy whipping cream (one pint). I whipped it with my hand mixer till it could stand on it's own (careful not to over mix...becomes lumpy) and then blended that into my cannoli filling. It made it very creamy and even now, a few days later, its still thick. I would recommend adding a bit of vanilla as well (1.5 tsp) but, only if your ricotta is drained well. I feel like that's the only thing my cannoli's were missing. I got really amazing shells at Wegmans for about .50 a piece. Alessi Shells...was in the pasta section in my Wegmans for some reason.
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12 Dec 2008
Reviewed by: 072705r
OMG this is the recipe to keep, 5+++ stars. I used Sorrento whole milk velvetty smooth ricotta. I did not even need to drain this type. No almonds. I used 1/8 t almond extract and 1T water in place of the amaretto liquer. Skipped the cocoa powder, dusted with conf sugar and 1 cherry at each end!! I made my own cannoli shells with my pizzelle maker. AWESOME
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09 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: TalianMom
Good recipe. I omitted the almonds and added a little more amaretto. Be sure not to stir the mixture up too much, or it will become runny. Tastes best with homemade shells.
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23 Feb 2006
Reviewed by: JDVMD
These were delicious. I needed to use up some ricotta cheese and found this recipe. I also had some shells from World Market. Upped the amaretto a bit and added a little bit of orange liquor as well.
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23 May 2004
Reviewed by: R. B. Miller
Absolute wonderful. Couldn't have asked for anything easier. Served it at a formal dinner last night and got rave reviews. Used Fresh Raspberries and almond slivers to garnish.
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24 Apr 2006
Reviewed by: michelle
Excellent taste for the filling but it was EXTREMELY runny.
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